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Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine

Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine are suitable for the high & low carbon steel wire below size of 8mm, with inverter control system to assure high speed & stable operation.



Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine


1.Product  Introduction
Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine are suitable for the high & low carbon steel wire below size of 8mm, with inverter control system to assure high speed & stable operation.

Low Carbon steel wire product used in mesh net, steel fiber, nail & staple making, construction, agriculture & furniture field, etc. And other steel wire product used in prestressing wire, PC wire, spring, steel rope wire, steel cord & Bead wire for tyre, etc.

2.Working flows and automation
Wire pay off 
→Descaling →Wheel Type Wire Drawing Machine→ Automatic take-up

Main Features

1) Easy in installation and maintation. 
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 
3) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 
4)As the use of the frequency technology, changes in the larger context of parts of the compression ratio to meet the wide range of technology and high speed drawing. 
5)Good cooling system, final wire quality is very good.

Main Technical Parameter 
Type 560 550 450 350
Material Intensity δb≥110kg/mm2 120kg/mm2 128kg/mm2 δb≤140kg/mm2
Max. Dia. Of Inlet Wire 6.5mm-4.4mm 6.5mm 4mm 2.6-1.5mm
Min. Dia. Of Outlet Wire 2.6mm-1.8mm 2.2mm 1.6mm 1.2-0.8mm
 Block 1 1 1 1
Max. average condensation 0.3 20% 20% 21%
Total Condensation 78-88.5% 78% 77.90% 78%
Max. Speed of Block 245m/min 260m/min 280m/min 200m/min
Total Power 22/30kw 18.5/22kw 11/15kw 5.5/7.5kw

Accessory Equipment 

Name Model Range of Dia.
Discharging Machine

Pointing Machine F-96 6.5-1.5mm
Pointing Machine F-80 3.5-1.0mm
Butt-Welding Machine UN-10 8--2mm
Butt-Welding Machine UN-3 6.5-1.5mm
Butt-Welding Machine UN-1 3.5-1.0mm
Automatic Discharging Machine XB-600 capacity 800kg
Automatic Discharging Machine XB-360 capacity 400kg
I Type Spool Reeling Machine  SG-800  capacity 800kg
I Type Reeling Machine  SG-630 capacity 500kg
Descaling Machine SW650
Motorless Descaling Machine with steel brush
Well Type Furnace RJ-90-9


Guarantee and after-service:
1. Guarantee time:one year since machine was at buyer' factory within 12 months against B/L date
2. Within guarantee time, if any components are broken under normal condition, we can change for free.
3. We can send our best technician to buyer's factory for installation, debugging and training.
4. Complete installation instructions, circuit diagram, manual operations and machine layout.
5. Technical support by e-mail.

Regarding spare part
Q: What is usage of wire drawing powder?
A: Wire drawing powder is put in die box, which is to lubricate and protect the wire.

Q: Consumption of wire drawing powder?
A: 2kg powder for drawing 1 ton of wire.

Q: Consumption of wire drawing die?
A: One piece of wire drawing die min. for drawing 20-30 tons of wire.

Q: Changing the wire drawing die on wire drawing machine is complicated?
A: Changing wire drawing die is not complicated.

Q: Can we change dia. of outlet wire by changing the wire drawing die?
A:Surely machine can draw different size of wire if you change drawing die, but diameter of wire must be within production range of machine.

Regarding auxiliary equipment
Q: Do we really need descaling unit as a part of wire drawing process?
A: Descaling is needed before drawing, it is used to remove rust and oxide on surface of wire.

Q: Pointing machine is necessary?
A: Yes, it is used for sharpening the wire, then wire could pass through wire drawing mold.

Q: Butt-welding machine is necessary?
A: Yes, it is used to weld the wire if it is broken during being drawn.

Regarding to electrical supply
Q: What is the power of machine?
A: Our machine is with different power according to different requirement for drawing wire, detailed pls refer to our quotation.

Q: What is electrical supply of machine?
A: Our machine normally is 380V, 3P, 50Hz, but it could be as your requirement.

Other questions
Q: Your machine has CE Certificate?
A: Yes.

Q: Pls quote CFR Price to XXX port.
A: Pls let us know which machine and quantity of machine you plan to buy, then we will calculate packing volume and sea freight to XXX port accordingly.

Q: How many worker is needed to operate the machine?
A: 2 workers for one wire drawing line.

Q: How to pack the machine?
A: Machine normally is covered by plastic film.

Q: What is delivery time of machine?
A: Delivery time is subject to machine model and quantity of machine you plan to purchase. Normally it is about 60 days after receipt of your down payment.

Q: Could you let me know how many space needed for install the machines?
A: Pls provide us layout of your workshop and quantity of machines, then we will provide you layout of workshop with all machines.

Q: Give me an idea on the operation of equipment.
A: We will send you operation manual of machine after you place order and before you get the machine.

Q: How long do installation and trial running of machine take?
A: If foundation and everything is prepared, time of installation and trial running is about 10 working days.


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