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What are the advantages of using the Galvanizing line?

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With the rapid development of industry now, many factories are inseparable from some environmentally friendly equipment, but when choosing, how to choose is a headache for people. Many manufacturers choose Galvanizing line equipment. Because the effect of this equipment is very good, but many manufacturers do not know enough about galvanized wire. When using galvanized wire, it should be used according to a regular procedure, so that a perfect effect can be achieved. How much do you know about zinc wire?

  • What is the difference between Galvanizing line and continuous retreat line?

  • What are the advantages of using the Galvanizing line?

  • What are the ingredients of Galvanizing line?

What is the difference between Galvanizing line and continuous retreat line?

The most fundamental difference is that the products are different: the galvanized line produces galvanized sheets, and the continuous annealing line produces annealed sheets.

Due to the differences in products, the differences in production line structure and process are caused:

The annealing line mainly consists of an uncoiler, a welding machine, a looper, a cleaning section, an annealing furnace, a looper, a skin pass machine, a slitter, and a coiler. Reach 400 to 500 meters per minute.

The Galvanizing line adds a set of galvanizing equipment at the exit of the annealing furnace of the annealing line, including a zinc pot, an air knife and a cooling tower. Due to the limitation of the hot-dip galvanizing process, the speed of the Galvanizing line is generally not high, about 180 meters per minute.

What are the advantages of using the Galvanizing line?

The copper content of Galvanizing line is 3% higher than that of brass wire; on the basis of CUZN35, the electroplating zinc layer significantly increases the production cost; during the working process, the processing speed can be significantly improved. Generally, it can be increased by 15%-20%, which can bring higher processing accuracy and greater economic benefits to the enterprise; due to the shortened processing time, it can significantly reduce the cost of replacing slow wire-feeding accessories in terms of machine maintenance. frequency. Under what circumstances do you choose to use the Galvanizing line? The Galvanizing line can be used to the best in the processing efficiency and processing accuracy of the machine tool. When the processing tasks are full, it will be turned on 24 hours a day. It is planned to purchase new equipment, or outsourcing processing is required. The thickness of the workpiece exceeds 50mm, and some difficult-to-machine cemented carbide materials.

What are the ingredients of Galvanizing line?

The force on the steel belt in the Galvanizing line only depends on the carbon content, cooling temperature, and cold hardening degree, and has nothing to do with the speed of the vehicle. Galvanized wire refers to galvanized steel wire, which is a wire covered with galvanized layer on the surface of steel wire. The core is brass and the coating is 100% zinc. Generally, the electroplating process is used, and the coating is thin. The biggest feature of this galvanized wire is its stable discharge performance, and its cutting speed can be increased by 10-30% compared with brass wire, especially suitable for precision machining with more than four cuts.

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