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What are the advantages of using Nail making machine?

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Nail making machine is characterized by high speed and low noise. The machine adopts the plunger structure, which ensures its high speed, low noise, and less impact. It can especially produce high-quality linoleum nails and other heterosexual nails for high-speed nail welding machines and nail guns.

  • What are the advantages of using Nail making machine?

  • How to properly maintain Nail making machine?

  • What are the precautions for using the Nail making machine?

What are the advantages of using Nail making machine?

Nail making machine starts from the perspective of waste utilization, energy saving and high efficiency, turning waste into treasure, and everything starts from the perspective of users getting rich quickly. It is mainly economical and practical. It has high technical content, easy operation and use, and its power is small. , energy saving, stable and reliable performance. The quality is up to the standard. The equipment has the characteristics of small size, flexible and convenient movement, low noise, low power consumption, and easy installation.

How to properly maintain Nail making machine?

1. Do not adjust the work during the Nail making machine movement.

2. Keep the Nail making machine clean, the nail mold should be cleaned frequently, and do not use raw embroidery wire to make nails.

3. After the start-up, the Nail making machine must be in normal operation before pulling the wire-in handle to make nails. When parking the machine, stop the wire-in.

4. Keep the nail knife sharp.

5. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to the temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal noise.

6. Disconnect the power supply first when repairing equipment or electrical appliances.

7. The original specification should be used for the equipment that needs to be replaced.

8. Regular oiling and lubrication to ensure that all lubrication parts are well lubricated. When using a new machine, it is best to carry out a large amount of lubrication within 15 days.

What are the precautions for using the Nail making machine?

Use the waste heads left over from the prefabrication yard with a diameter of less than 8mm and a length of more than 10cm, and scrap steel bars, cold drawn wires, waste welding rods, and round heads removed from old houses as raw materials.

The working principle of Nail making machine:

1. First, the raw materials are drawn and derusted by the wire drawing machine at the same time, and drawn into the diameter of the nail you need;

2. Then enter the Nail making machine to make round nails;

3. Put it into the polishing machine (add raw materials) and throw it into the brightness you need;

4. Metering and packaging leave the factory. (It can also be drawn into grids, chicken coops, greenhouses, clothes hangers, car baskets, etc.)

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