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How to use welding mesh machine?

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If the mesh welding machine does not pay attention to the use of the method, then the service life of the equipment may be affected. Then how should we maintain the wire mesh welding machine? If the mesh welding machine failure should be how to eliminate it?

l How to maintain mesh welding machine?

l What are the daily precautions when using a mesh welding machine?

l wire mesh welding machine common fault handling

How to maintain mesh welding machine?

1. wire mesh welding machine can be welded after water. The moving parts of the welding machine should be lubricated frequently, and the welding parts should be cleaned before welding, so as not to damage the electrode or affect the service life of the electrode.

2. When wire mesh welding machine works below zero degrees Celsius, after welding, the compressed air should blow off the residual cooling water in the cooling pipe, so as not to freeze crack and freeze damage the pipe and welding transformer.

3. Wire mesh welder should be maintained after power failure. Operators should wear canvas gloves and scarves to avoid burns.

4. There should be no corrosive gases, chemical deposits, corrosive, explosive and inflammable media, which can seriously affect the insulation performance of the welder.

5. wire mesh welding machine should work strictly in accordance with the rated load, not allowed to overload.

6. The water distribution filter of the air source treatment unit must be drained frequently. The water level should not exceed the warning line. Otherwise, water-bearing compressed air will enter the oil mist and solenoid valve cylinder, which may lead to faster wear of the solenoid valve cylinder or even unable to work normally.

What are the daily precautions when using a mesh welding machine?

1. Should be installed in the workshop shed, rain and wind, to prevent corrosion or aging of the mesh machine

2. Do not touch electrodes, gears, belts and live conductor elements during operation

3. There is no air pressure when using or adjusting, so as to avoid short circuit or electrode damage;

4. The electrode will be oxidized or worn when used for a long time, so the electrode head can be directly replaced or replaced.

5. Check the circuit and circuit on time, the use of power should be with leakage protector;

6. Please turn off the switch if it is used for a long time or there is a problem.

Wire mesh welding machine common fault handling

1. Black screen: First check whether there is power supply, power fuse, and whether the circuit between the screen and the main circuit board is connected. Display garbled code: restart the electrical cabinet, or welding machine sensor contact is not good.

2. Mesh leakage welding: sensor damage; Control welding button damage; Short circuit of control line from controller to power grid machine; Data entry error;

3. One or more places to check the welding column, connecting line, brass square seat, polish off the column;

4. Increase welding head pressure and welding current appropriately; Weak welding: oil, drawing powder, oxide layer, etc.

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