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How Is The Drawing Machine Equipment And Galvanizing Equipment Matched?

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Metal wire is indispensable in daily life or in industry and construction. We can use metal wire for various applications. Especially in industrial production, metal wire is very important. For example, most wire mesh products are made of metal wire, and each type of metal wire needs to use different wire sizes.

To produce wire that meets the requirements, we need wire drawing machine equipment, wire drawing machine equipment can be set to produce different types of wire according to demand. Wire drawing machine equipment can be divided into composite straight wire drawing machine, automatic wire drawing machine, continuous tank wire drawing machine, water tank wire drawing machine, etc. Different wire drawing machines have different production efficiencies, and of course the prices are also different.

The metal wire drawn by the wire drawing machine is generally not anti-corrosive, and will rust when stored for a long time. At this time, we need to perform anti-corrosion treatment. Anti-corrosion treatment can be divided into hot-galvanized anti-corrosion treatment and electro-galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. The anti-corrosion treatment of electrogalvanizing generally adopts galvanizing equipment, which can be divided into ordinary galvanizing equipment and barrel plating equipment.

These galvanizing equipment are used in different fields. According to the unique characteristics of metal wire, using ordinary galvanizing equipment can not achieve high-quality galvanizing. Therefore, specially designed metal wire galvanizing equipment, can achieve high-quality seamless electroplating of slender metal wire.

It can be seen that the wire drawing machine and the galvanizing equipment are inseparable. The metal wire after drawing needs to be galvanized by the galvanizing equipment as soon as possible to ensure its service life. The application of galvanizing equipment is also very wide. The application of galvanizing equipment in cable guardrails, in welded wire mesh products, in gabion nets, etc.

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