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  • Q Sometimes machine can not produce net ,can not move

    A pls refer the parameter form in our proposal and make sure the machine produce right wire diameter 
  • Q Why and How to do when the finished net have broken hole

    A Because of feeding wire from pay off is finished or wire broken ,the hole will appear in the net.
    We could cut one short wire and netting the hole part by hand.
  • Q How to do when the feeding wire broken ?

    A use butt welding machine ,or knot two wire by hand 
  • Q gabion machine installation and preparation job

    1. According to the layout diagram fixing the equipment.
    2.Prearrange the payoff frames in concordance with the pay off drawing.
    3.Connect to the Main switch which suite for total power 30KW. We suggest to use 18mm2 copper cable
    4.Enough power cord from Main switch to Electric Control Box.
    5.One set of 0.8MPA,0.6m3/MIN air compressor.
    6.1000KGS of 2.7mm wire , 500KGS of 3.4mm wire.
    7.200KGS lubricant.
  • Q What is request other equipments in factory

    A One forklift , one cranefor loading and unloading ,move gabion machine , ,complete set of tools ,include big wire clipper.
  • Q How many workers request for one gabion machine(include wire spiral coiling machine, winding machine etc )

    A Total 3 workers , one worker for main machine(check the spiral coiled wire in sleeve, and wire from pay off) , one worker for wire spiral coiling machine, one workers for winding machine
  • Q Current source request

    A We offer gabion machine with 380V three phases , 60HZ, we could change the current to 220V three phased or 440V three phased etc(change different current will have extra cost )
  • Q the factory size requirement for gabion factory

    A Min. size is 3200mm*1500mm(L/W), customer could send his factory layout we could design and make each machine’s right position
  • Q How many kilograms wire in one wire pay off as raw material

    A Usually we put around 200KGS wire in each pay off
  • Q How to adjust the tension force of the tension machine

    A adjust two wheels At the both side of the machine
  • Q What is main function of the wire tension machine

    A Enwind on the tension roller make the wire straight .before the feeding wire though into main machine from pay off
  • Q What is the Max .length of one roll net

    A Max. 30meters
  • Q How to take out the finished net from the winding machine

    A By hand. Usually our workers push the end of the roll net in winding bar. And the roll net can be easily take out
  • Q Max. weight for one finished net in roll

    A One rolling net Max .weight is 300KGS
  • Q What is the capacity of the wire spiral coiling machine

    A it depends on the wire diameter, usually 800-1200meters for one piece spiral coiled wire
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