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Gabion Machine


Gabion Machine


The series gabion mesh machines have been designed to make gabion mesh of various widths and mesh sizes. The possible coatings are heavily galvanized and zinc. For high corrosion resistance, zinc and PVC, galfan coated wire is available. We can manufacture gabion machine according to customer request.


1.Mesh Size's range from 50*70mm To 176*200mm;

2.We can design the machine to produce the mesh size according to customer's request. But the mesh size should in the range of 50*70mm To 176*200mm;

3.Range of galvanized wire: 2.0mm~4.0mm (for different mesh size pls find the parameter in the specification);

4.Range of PVC coating galvanized wire: 5.0mm;

5.Our motor adopt Frequency Motor;

Technical parameter

Mesh Size
Max. Netting
Max.Dia of Weaving  wire
Max.Dia of Bordering wire
Max Weaving-
vein No.
Exact Manu
-facturing Speed
Exterior Size
Mesh Hole netting
80×100 2500 3.2 4.0 3/5 11 42 170 5.2×1.4×2.4 13
3500 3.2 4.0 3/5 15 42 170 6.2×1.4×2.4 14
4500 3.2 4.0 3/5 30 42 170 7.2×1.4×2.4 15
100×120 2500 3.5 4.0 3/5 11 42 195 5.2×1.4×2.4 13
3500 3.5 4.0 3/5 15 42 195 6.2×1.4×2.4 14
4500 3.5 4.0 3/5 30 42 195 7.2×1.4×2.4 15
60×80 2700 3.5 4.0 3/5 11 42 150 5.2×1.4×2.4 13
3700 3.5 4.0 3/5 15 42 150 6.2×1.4×2.4 14
4700 3.5 4.0 3/5 30 42 150 7.2×1.4×2.4 15



1.What is your gabion machine type?
A: We offer both mechanical and hydraulic type gabion machine.

2.What is the raw material for netting?
A: Low-carbon steel wire, heat-treated, zinc-coated, PVC coated wire.

3.How many mesh size can one machine produce?
A: Usually one machine produce one mesh size. But Max. two mesh size include: 50*70mm with 100*150mm, 60*80mm with 120*150mm, 80*100mm with 160*180mm. Without to change the parts of main mesh sizing roller and disk wheel.

4.What is the main motor's capacity?
A: 30KW.

5.Why many customers choose gabion machine with width 4300mm?
A: Because it is more efficiency. Gabion machine with width 4300mm could produce net width 1meter in fourfold in one time, 3meters+1meter, 2meters+2meters, 2meters+1meter+1meter, etc. to meet different customers request.

6.What is number of twists for netting?
A: 3/5, our machine could produce 3 twists and 5 twists.

7.Lubrication system
A: Our lubrication system is automatical. Customer buy the lubricant depend on the local temperature, if the temperature is too low, it is required frost-proof lubricant. And one barrel (200KGS) of lubrication can use around one year.

8.What is total power of the gabion machine?
A: 35KW.

9.What is capacity of factory power supply?
A: 50KW.

10.How to count the net length in one hour or in one shaft?
A: Our machine has two types meter counting device, one is mechanical type installed in common gabion machine and another one infrared is ray induction type installed in PLC gabion machine.

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