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  • Q How many kilograms wire in one wire pay off as raw material

    A Usually we put around 200KGS wire in each pay off
  • Q How to adjust the tension force of the tension machine

    A adjust two wheels At the both side of the machine
  • Q What is main function of the wire tension machine

    A Enwind on the tension roller make the wire straight .before the feeding wire though into main machine from pay off
  • Q What is the Max .length of one roll net

    A Max. 30meters
  • Q How to take out the finished net from the winding machine

    A By hand. Usually our workers push the end of the roll net in winding bar. And the roll net can be easily take out
  • Q Max. weight for one finished net in roll

    A One rolling net Max .weight is 300KGS
  • Q What is the capacity of the wire spiral coiling machine

    A it depends on the wire diameter, usually 800-1200meters for one piece spiral coiled wire
  • Q Does wire spiral coiling machine could produce all different diameters’ wire

    A yes ,we have one complete changing gear suit for different diameter’s wire
  • Q what is the length of the one piece spiral wire

    A one layer of spiral wire is 20-30meter, to check the layer details in the proposal
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