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How to Choose Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine?

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At present, the hexagonal wire mesh machine is widely used, but the products on the market are also good and bad. What are the characteristics of hexagonal mesh machine? When we choose the gabion making machine, what should we pay attention to?

l What is the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

l How to choose the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

l How to debug the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

What is the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

1. Hexagonal wire mesh machine also known as chicken cage net machine, double twisted hexagonal net machine, used for the production of hexagonal net, used for farmland, pasture fence, chicken industry, building wall reinforcement and other separation network.

2. Hexagonal wire mesh machine can produce hexagonal net continuously at high speed. It is characterized by smooth operation, low noise, wire break, network break and preset length automatic stop and alarm, uniform and orderly mesh, optional position reinforcement, centralized lubrication, easy operation and maintenance, firm and durable. Woven net is made of multi-piece hexagonal net, mainly used as building materials, can be used for reservoir sealing, can also be used as highway guardrail network, railway guardrail network. Hexagonal chicken wire mesh is widely used, such as raising chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese and other poultry or small animals. The pattern can be fence and cage, used for iron fence to protect vegetables, flowers or small plants, as well as equipment and machinery protection, highway fence, tennis court fence, road green belt protection fence, etc.

How to choose the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

1. The production of hexagonal wire mesh machine has gone through a number of processes, such as steel wire, weaving net, cutting, hook, etc., and finally through strict inspection. Good production technology and production materials directly affect the quality of products. Professional scale, production line with large productivity, exquisite material selection, directly determine the efficiency of the construction period.

2. hexagonal wire mesh machine is widely used, when we choose, we need to understand the stone cage net related knowledge, and application scenarios. Different use scenarios, stone cage net specifications are different. At present, the stone cage net is used in revealment (river, hillside, etc.), scenic spots (buildings), flood control (dam protection), etc.

3. The life of the hexagonal wire mesh machine mainly depends on the material and maintenance to decide, installation also has more tedious steps and precautions. So good after-sales can help us at any time to solve worries. Big brands are guaranteed and cost-effective. A good brand will have the ability of independent research and development and production, from production to factory, the whole process of control and control, can better ensure the final presentation of products.

How to debug the hexagonal wire mesh machine?

Commissioning hexagonal wire mesh machine, according to the manual of the machine to adjust, remember not to move. First of all, we should understand the working principle of each component, according to the operation process, and the actual needs of the debugging.

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