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  • Gabion production line for Kenya customer

    On 14th June 2022, we finished production and inspection of gabion production line for one of our Kenya customer.This production line adopt Chinese domestic electrical appliances to produce 4.5m gabion mesh with mesh size 80*100mm. It can be used to produce both roll net and sheet net. We checked e

  • Refractory bricks for annealing furnace form Spanish client

    On 29th June 2022, we complete the production for Refractory bricks which used in Annealing Furnace, these bricks can withstand high temperature of 1450℃.This order was from our Spainish Client who is interested in our Galvanizing line. Beofre shipment, we send both brick measurement photo and packa

  • What are the Advantages of the Automatic Screw Machine?

    What is automatic screw machine? What is the working principle of automatic screw machine? Are there different types of automatic screwers? l What is automatic screw machine?l What is the mechanism of automatic screw machine?l What is the type of automatic screw machine? What is automatic screw mach

  • How to Use Auto Screw Machine?

    Why are auto screw machine more popular nowadays? What are the applications of screw making machine? What should be paid attention to when using automatic screw machine? l What is the function of automatic screw machine?l What is the application field of automatic screw machine?l How does the automa

  • Why is a Screw Making Machine Necessary?

    screw making machine are now common equipment. Why are automatic screwers so popular? What are the special advantages of an automatic screw machine? l What is a screw making machine?l What are the advantages of the screw machine?l How to use automatic screw machine? What is a screw making machine?sc

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