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Heavy Duty Isolation Gate Mine Gate Discharging Slide Gate Divide Gate Knife Gate Isolation Valve Discharging Gate with Hydraulic Power Unit


Modular Isolation Gate System


Candid's expert teams have the ability and experience to provide top-quality modularized isolation gates at a reasonable cost. These gates are specifically designed for bulk, dry materials and can be used in a variety of applications. By using isolation gates, your maintenance team can perform preventive repairs in a safe and easy manner without having to take the gate out of service.


 Design & Engineering Capacity

Depending on the size of the area that needs to be isolated, Candid's gates have a single-slide gate plate or dual-slide plates that close from each end to the center. These isolation gates are mainly designed to isolate downstream equipment, such as screens, feeders, and conveyors, so that they can be removed or worked on during maintenance.


Candid developed heavy-duty bin isolation gates that are perfect for the mining industry. These gates have opening apertures up to 10m long by 3m wide, and materials up to 400mm lump size with loading capacity up to 500 tons.

image4    image5

The isolation gate opening and closing operation can be designed to various driven methods, including manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic upon Client’s demands. Several successful installations have been undertaken across various industries such as crusher plant, material handling system, chemical engineering, etc.


Modular Design, Shop Assembly and Testing

Candid’s heavy-duty isolation gate system is divided into several modular packages, including gate unit (c/w hydraulic cylinders), hydraulic power pack (c/w valve station), and the electrical and control unit.

image6image7 image8

                                                        Hydraulic Power Pack                                                                                                        Gate Unit

All the packages are designed, fabricated, pre-assembled/assembled and tested in Candid’s workshops. We optimize the fabrication processes, improve product quality, and reduce the total installed cost and site construction workload.


 Gate Assembly in Shop Checking                                                        Isolation Gate System in Factory Acceptance Testing

Our Approach

Candid uses advanced design and manufacturing technology to offer quality isolation systems at a reasonable cost to our clients worldwide.

Candid’s modularized isolation gate system provides reliable long-term performance in the smallest possible space. We use the best international brand name components and low-cost manufacturing centers world-wide.

The modular isolation gate systems have replaced the obsolete customized solutions. This concept enables end users to choose proven isolation gate systems with standardized assemblies that significantly reduces the design cost and construction schedule. Significant operations and maintenance savings are realized by using quick connections and fittings allowing component exchanges instead of inefficient field maintenance and downtime.


Gates & Accessories

Candid offers an excellent selection of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric operators to suit your specific demands. Our innovative design provides the platform for a variety of actuators.

Customizable options give our customers the ability to change the type of actuator, even after initial installation as your needs may change over time.



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