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Water cooling method and pay-off requirements of straight-type wire drawing machine

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Straight-through wire drawing machine is a product with good efficiency in the current wire drawing machine equipment. The drawn wire has good quality and strong cooling. It is a product with a very large sales volume. The advantages of the straight wire drawing machine are its high production efficiency, low production cost, and very high metal wire standards.

Straight wire drawing machine is mainly composed of pay-off equipment, drawing equipment and take-up equipment in the process of making. The pay-off equipment is composed of two duckbill-type big-disc pay-off machines, each with a large load-bearing capacity of up to 2.5 tons. When in use, the line end of a blank being used is connected to the thread end of another spare blank. When the blank being used is used up, it is automatically transferred to the other plate and the line is released without stopping.

Straight wire drawing unit is also equipped with a heavy I-shaped wheel pay-off device to meet different pay-off requirements. The drawing equipment is composed of 9 dry drawing units. In order to facilitate the replacement of the disk when the heavy plate heavy industry wheel is put out, there is no need to stop the wheel and change the wheel. One drawing unit is designed as a pulley type, and the rest are all Straight forward.

The mold of the straight-drawing wire drawing machine mainly adopts the forced water cooling method, so that it can take away the heat in a short time to a certain extent, and ensure the hardness of the mold during high-speed drawing. It also means that effective cooling is one of the prerequisites for high-speed drawing.

The wire take-up part of the straight-type wire drawing machine can also meet the requirements of the rewinding of the large reel of the spool, the rewinding of the large reel of the wire rack, and the binding of the ordinary small disk. In practical work, this straight-type wire drawing machine can also be switched at any time according to different take-up requirements, which improves work efficiency.

Some small knowledge points of straight wire drawing machine

1. How to check whether the straight wire drawing machine matches the motor? Mainly look at the specific model and product specifications of the wire drawing machine.

2. What are the requirements of the diameter drawing machine for the craftsman? The diameter wire drawing machine has certain requirements for the operation technicians, so as to avoid blind or erroneous operation, thereby damaging the machine equipment and even causing personal injury.

3. How often is the straight wire drawing machine maintained? The warranty of the straight-type wire drawing machine plays a very important role in the life of the equipment, and it is usually carried out once a month. Shut down first, and then proceed.

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