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Hydraulic PLC Control Air Lock System/Ventilation Door with New Design for Deeping Mine


Vent Door/Air Lock System 

1.One standard door/air lock system includes these key components:
One set of mine doors, including one or two single doors,
 c/w one set of field control devices for each single door, one set of cylinders for each single door and one emergency access hatch for each single door.
One set of power pack, hydraulic or pneumatic, manual, or electrical.

One set of electrical and PLC control system.
Lighting systems, including green, red and yellow showing traffic conditions.

2.The door/air lock system can be equipped with following
 optional components:
Pull Cord, Push Button, Remote Control, Proximity Sensors, etc.

3.Modular design for the doors, power pack, electrical and control units is maximized for site
 installation, commissioning and maintenance

Designing, Fabrication & Testing
1.The vent door/air lock systems are divided into several modular packages.

2.All the vent doors and modular power packs and electrical/PLC control units are designed, fabricated, pre-assembled and tested in our workshops. We optimize the fabrication processes, improve product quality and reduce the total installed cost and site construction workload.

Our Approach
1.We uses advanced design and manufacturing technology to offer quality vent door systems at a reasonable cost to our clients worldwide.
2.Our modularized vent door system provides reliable long-term performance in the smallest possible space. We
 use the best international brand name components and low-cost manufacturing centers world-wide.

3.Modular vent door systems have replaced the obsolete customized solutions. This concept enables end users to choose proven vent door systems with standardized assemblies that significantly reduces the design cost, delivery and construction schedule. Significant operations and maintenance savings are realized by using quick connections and fittings allowing component exchanges instead of inefficient field maintenance and downtime.

Main Technical Parameter 
No. Item Specification
1 Type Z Type or U Type
2 Opening Direction Opposite for Type Z, Open to High Pressure for Type U
3 Design Pressure Force ~ 20 KPa
4 Design Life ~ 30 years
5 Power Supply 400V / 3 Phase / 50Hz
6 Actuator Type Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Manual, Electrical
7 Open & Close Time Adjustable
8 Door Interlock Logic Included
9 Door Activation
Pull Cord, Push Button, Motion Sensor, Remote Control,
Proximity Sensor
10 Personnel Access Door Optional
11 Electrical Standard IEC, IP65
12 Open Width 5-8m
13 Open Height 5-8m

Standard Safety Features
No. Item Details
1 Structural & Mechanical Proven Tested Design
2 Vehicle Detection System Infrared Sensor for Vehicles or PersonsProximity Sensor for Closing or Opening
3 Traffic Controls Reflective Striping
4 Other Controls Blasting Auto-Closing
5 Explosion Proof Electrical System Optional
6 Escape Hatch Included
7 Emergency Operation Manual - Hydraulic Pump
8 Paint "High Visibility" Safety Yellow - Zinc Primer and Epoxy
9 Traffic Warning Lights Red/ Amber/ Green Lights
10 Audible Alerts Warning Horns

Guarantee and after-service:
1. Guarantee time:one year since machine was at buyer' factory within 12 months against B/L date
2. Within guarantee time, if any components are broken under normal condition, we can change for free.
3. We can send our best technician to buyer's factory for installation, debugging and training.
4. Complete installation instructions, circuit diagram, manual operations and machine layout.
5. Technical support by e-mail.


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