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  • Process of wire drawing machine

    The wire is usually shrunk through pointing machine to fit through the die; then the wire is pulled through the die. As the volume of the wire remains the same, the diameter of the wire is getting smaller, the length will be longer. Broadly speaking, the wire needs a series of draw, through smaller and smaller dies, to reach the particular size.

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  • Wire drawing dies

    Drawing dies are usually made of tool steel, tungsten carbide or diamond, all of which have surfaces of high hardness. Due to different sizes of wires, different dies are employed. A diamond die is used for drawing very fine wire. For hot drawing, cast-steel dies are used, while for steel wire drawing, a tungsten carbide die is used.

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  • What is the principle of wire drawing machine ??

    A:The principle of wire drawing mchine are by the smaller drawing die diameters from one drawing step to the next the wire diameter is reduced by the diameter given through the drawing die. With a constant entrance speed of the wire the finished wire has a drawing speed after the last drawing die which is linear to the diameter reduction of the wire. This is equal for all individual drawing steps.
  • What are the wire drawing process

    The process characteristics of wire/rod drawing consists of 

    (1) Pulling of the wire rod/round through the die to reduce its diameter, 

    (2) Drawing increases the length of the wire/rod as its diameter decreases,

     (3) Several dies are used in succession (tandem) for small diameter wire,

    (4)At last ,the wire rod/round will be smaller ,but the length will longer .and more suitable in somewhere  and more valuable 


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