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Working mode of stainless steel automatic wire drawing machine

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Working mode of stainless steel automatic wire drawing machine

Many of today's industrial productions require stainless steel wire drawing machines, and the wire drawing link is one of the most important work links of stainless steel wire drawing machines. Different metal materials have different silk varieties and requirements. Let's find out!

The drawing part of the stainless steel wire drawing machine is mainly composed of a drawing wheel, a mold fixing frame, and a mold. After the wire passes through the mold, it is wound on the drawing wheel. When the drawing wheel and the winding wheel are in operation, the winding wheel operates to provide the traction tension of the wire. , Under the action of traction tension, the wire is wound through the wire drawing wheel and the wire is passed through the wire drawing die, so that the wire is continuously thick to fine, so as to obtain wires with different wire gauges.

Stainless steel wire drawing machine is available in three types: atmospheric pulley, looper type and linear type. With the development of production technology, AC frequency conversion technology and PLC program control in electrical control have gradually replaced DC motors and torque motors and established a dominant position.

System characteristics of stainless steel automatic wire drawing machine

1. The complex tension control is all completed by the inverter itself. The PLC only performs logic control and main speed control, which greatly reduces the difficulty of developing PLC programs and system hardware.

2. The system structure is more concise, the correlation is low, the operation and maintenance are more convenient, at the same time, the control effect is better, and the equipment runs more stable.

3. A lot of A/D and D/A modules are reduced, and the performance index of PLC is low. Stainless steel wire drawing machine is an optimized low-cost solution.

4. The current vector control inverter is adopted. The low-frequency torque is large, there is no speed dead zone, and the low-speed 1Hz rated torque is output smoothly. There is no material loss in the die-cutting and test machine.

5. The tension balance bar can be turned on and run at the lower limit, middle or upper limit. Automatically track the wire drawing speed, the tension balance bar is basically maintained at the midpoint position, and the swing amplitude is small.

The above is a detailed introduction of the automatic wire drawing machine manufacturer's introduction to the working mode of stainless steel automatic drawing machine, I hope it will help you


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