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Wire drawing machine workshop process flow

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Wire drawing machine workshop process flow

Process description


a. Threading: First, after opening the wire drawing machine, the copper rod will pass through the wire drawing machine from the entrance

After that, it is compressed in the tipping machine, and the punching is carried out according to the diameter of the die, and then passed through the tower wheel

After the steel ring is wound for 1-2 turns, proceed to the next mold, and so on until 9 molds lower with φ3.0.

b. Take-up: After the nine-mold is put through the warehouse, the take-up wheel enters the take-up machine through the steering wheel.

c. Test machine: debug the emulsion nozzle, lock the mold, and open it after checking the normal operation start pulling head.

d. Pull the head: wait for the emulsion in the wire drawing machine to be full, then start the wire drawing, and press the one after the nine die

After stretching at a fixed compression ratio, it becomes a bright steel wire of φ2.98-3.02 during stretching

In order to prevent the friction and heating of the steel ring, the deterioration of the steel wire, the pressure line, etc., it is necessary to cool and emulsify

The main pollutant produced is waste waste emulsion, and the waste gas is used to supplement cooling water,evaporated water vapor.


Waste analysis

a. Noise: due to the hard copper rod during the drawing process, it rubs against the wire frame and the steel ring of the tower wheel

And the sound produced when the machine itself is running is between 80-93.

b. Process waste water and wire drawing waste water are mainly emulsified liquids, which are recycled and discharged irregularly.

Concentration COD30000mg / 1, oil concentration is 1000mg / 1, when the emulsion is consumed,

With new supplements, there has been no waste emulsion since it was put into production.

c. Solid waste: in the process of wire drawing compression, the generated copper scraps account for about 0.01% of the output

Around, the copper scraps generated in the machine flow into the emulsion pool with the emulsion, and can be reused for sale.

It has never been cleaned since it was put into production.


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