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Why is a Screw Making Machine Necessary?

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screw making machine are now common equipment. Why are automatic screwers so popular? What are the special advantages of an automatic screw machine?

l What is a screw making machine?

l What are the advantages of the screw machine?

l How to use automatic screw machine?

What is a screw making machine?

screw machine is a kind of automatic screw locking small machinery, its action structure can be generally divided into feeding part and electric batch part of two parts, the feeding part is responsible for screening and providing screws, electric batch part is responsible for taking screws and locking screws, the production of screw machine not only improves the efficiency of operation and reduce the intensity of manual operation.

What are the advantages of the screw machine?

1. When extracting the screw, just put the tip of the batch nozzle into the guide of the batch nozzle, slide down the guide, and then pull the screw out in the direction of the user.

2. The extraction time of each screw can be saved by 1.4 seconds compared to the traditional screw plate, thus improving the production efficiency by up to 4 times.

3. Easy to operate, first-time users can learn the operation method in real time.

4. Widely applicable to all types of screws, different lengths and head shapes. (The current length is basically less than 20mm)

5. Small shape, one operator can operate more than one screw conveyor.

How to use automatic screw machine?

1. Before applying the automatic screw machine, you must check the ventilation and power of the automatic screw machine, open the power switch and the ventilation valve. According to the different products of the automatic type automatic screw machine programming control, and check all parts drive stroke layout.

2. In the automatic screw machine into raw materials, and then carry out step by step start light or start, and then check the accuracy of all the work and the layout of the trip in time, before the application of automatic screw machine, start the test run, and check the practical effect of waste, quality. But after any progress stabilizes, you can safely buy consumer manufacturing

3. You must carry out quality testing on time on automatic screw machine in advance, and distinguish the characteristics of automatic screw machine. With the trend of rapid development of intelligence, the traditional way of manual service practice operation has been far from being able to think about the request of consumer manufacturers. Forced to find a new approach, precisely automated machinery to fill the gap in the sales market.

automatic screw making machine should pay attention to daily use and maintenance to use longer time.If you are looking for good quality screw making machine at a reasonable price, HANGZHOU CANDID I/E Co., Ltd is a wise choice.

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