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Why is Wire Nail Drawing Machine popular?

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The use of wire drawing machine to industrial production has brought great help, can help enterprises to better complete production operations, but also bring more economic benefits. What are the application fields of Wire Nail Drawing Machine? How to maintain automatic wire drawing machine in daily use?

l What is a wire drawing machine?

l How to maintain Wire Nail Drawing Machine?

l How to operate automatic wire drawing machine?

What is a wire drawing machine?

1. wire drawing machine is widely used in industrial applications of mechanical equipment. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, hardware processing, petrochemical, plastic, bamboo and wood products, wire and cable and other industries. wire drawing machine can be divided into metal wire drawing machine (used for standard parts and other metal products before processing) and plastic wire drawing machine (used for plastic products industry polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester slice, ETC.) . Raw materials for the production of various hollow, solid round wire or flat wire for deep processing special complete sets of equipment)

2. The efficiency of traditional artificial processing is relatively low, and because of more uncertain factors, it is difficult to ensure the unity of product quality. Moreover, there will be more misoperations, affecting the quality of products. After using wire drawing machine equipment, not only greatly improve the efficiency of wire drawing, but also effectively ensure the quality and specification of wire drawing products, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of products. Secondly, the traditional manual drawing method is more prone to broken lines, which will not only affect the operation efficiency, but also cause a more serious waste of resources. wire drawing machine equipment can maintain a relatively stable running state, so compared with manual, can significantly reduce wire broken problem, reduce waste. In addition, the labor cost is relatively high now, so the use of wire drawing equipment not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity, which can save a lot of labor costs for the company. In addition, because the machine works at the same speed, it can also ensure the production cycle, which is conducive to the company to arrange the production schedule more rationally.

How to maintain Wire Nail Drawing Machine?

1. Keep the outside of the equipment clean and check whether the gas supply pipe and quick connection are in good condition.

2. Lubrication of upper and lower bearing seat and lifting screw (oiling gun).

3. Empty the air filter of water.

4. Check sand belt and adjust balance.

5. Remove sludge left by daily maintenance, lubrication and maintenance according to daily maintenance requirements.

6. Check the conveyor belt and its tension (if the tension is too loose, please adjust to moderate).

7. Check the belt and its tension (if the tension is too loose, please adjust to moderate).

How to operate automatic wire drawing machine?

1. Read drawings and technical data carefully before processing operation to avoid batch scrap or waste.

2. During processing, the drawing direction and drawing surface should be carefully determined according to the technical requirements, and the drawing sand belt should be correctly selected.

3. Wear gloves throughout the processing process, pay attention to the surface protection of the workpiece, pay attention to prevent scratches and impact on the workpiece surface caused by waste.

4. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wire directly without cleaning the workpiece.

5. Finished workpiece should be handled lightly, and layered protective packaging, so as not to damage the workpiece surface.

6. Clean up the recycling bin in time to ensure the normal operation of the fan.

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