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Why does the drawing speed increase of the wire drawing machine mean that the drawing force decreases?

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Why does the drawing speed increase of the drawing machine mean that the drawing force decreases?

In practice, we have finally concluded that it is impossible for the drawing machine to increase the drawing speed and the drawing force at the same time, because if the speed of the entire operation of the equipment is increased, then the drawing force will definitely There is a decline, and many friends do not understand why this phenomenon occurs.

In fact, the principle is very simple. When we increase the working speed of the wire drawing machine, its lubrication conditions will certainly be improved. In this case, it is certain that the coefficient of friction will decrease. Then the external friction and because The deformation caused by shearing must be solved in time, and the pull-out force will be seriously reduced.

But the drawing machine is not easy to be too fast in the whole drawing speed, otherwise, when we start the equipment, the steel wire is likely to be broken, even if the operation is a more efficient drawing machine, then adjust The speed should also be appropriate, and ensure that the workpiece is stable during the entire operation process, and ensure that the work of the wire drawing machine can run normally.

The biggest disadvantage of looper wire drawing machine is the use of DC drag, and the electrical speed control system is very messy, the main thing should be the manufacturing cost is too high, repair and maintenance are more difficult, if it is for different When drawing wire of different specifications, it is necessary to readjust the tension of the looper.

Then the looper type wire drawing machine will have higher requirements on the technical level of operation. In addition, this wire drawing machine has a lot of guide wheels passing through the wire, so the entire threading is also more complicated, and the number of bending times of the wire There is also an increase, and it is not possible to pull out steel wires with relatively large specifications or materials with relatively high hardness.

The looper wire drawing machine was developed to improve the drawing speed and the quality of the steel wire. It is also a non-slip wire drawing machine equipment, which mainly simplifies the route that each wire needs to travel between the reels. In the whole drawing process, the wire will never twist because of the axial direction.

Moreover, the looper type wire drawing machine adopts a DC motor drag, which can achieve the stepless speed regulation requirements to the greatest extent, and expand the range of mutual extension between the reels to ensure that the wire drawing machine can be most effective and reasonable It works under the working condition of each other, and exerts square pull and pull force on each reel.


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