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What should be paid attention to during the continuous annealing operation of automatic wire drawing machine?

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What should be paid attention to during the continuous annealing operation of automatic wire drawing machine?

Precautions for continuous annealing operation of automatic wire drawing machine. Because the ribbon is continuously annealed, there are many things to pay attention to in the operation. If you do not pay attention to one link, you will have trouble in production. In actual production, in order to solve the hidden trouble at the source, pay attention to several points in the peripheral equipment of the automatic wire drawing machine.

1. The volume of the drawing oil sump of the middle drawing machine should not be less than 7 cubic meters per unit, and the middle drawing cooling oil sump should not be less than 3 cubic meters per unit. The oil sump should be as long and wide as possible, not too deep.

2. The heat generated by the copper wire during the annealing process is taken away by the cooling water, so that the cooling water will be continuously heated. When the temperature of the cooling water exceeds 70 degrees, the cooling effect is not ideal, and the copper wire will become red. Therefore, the cooling pool should not be too small, and the amount of cooling water must be sufficient. It is recommended that the cooling pump motor use a three-phase 0.75KW or more self-priming pump with a water outlet diameter of 1 inch. It is not recommended to use a single-phase water pump. When laying the pipeline, there should be as few elbows as possible to ensure the water flow and pressure.

3. The mold of the automatic wire drawing machine should be consistent with the reduction of the equipment. If it is too large, it is better to start, but the life of the tower wheel will be shortened. If it is too small, the wire drawing is difficult, and the wire will be easily broken as soon as the speed is fast, but because the slip is small, the tower wheel is not easy to groove. According to on-site experience, the general mold ratio is 2-3 slip coefficients on the basis of the reduction rate of the equipment. The high-speed wire drawing die requires that the sizing area is shorter than the soil wire drawing machine, and the bell mouth should be rounded. If the sizing area is longer, the life of the mold will be longer, but the compression area is longer, and the corresponding linear speed cannot be added. High speed is particularly easy to break. For the wire drawing machine, the polycrystalline crystal is generally used for the bridge die. The outlet die is a sizing die and diamonds are used. It is best to choose diamonds in the last three or four molds close to the exit mold.

4. The quality problem of copper material is the most difficult to detect in this respect. It is usually manifested as often inexplicable disconnection. The large and small specifications are almost the same, which causes the biggest headache for the first-line workers and can not find the cause. . Only after replacing several batches of busbars can the experience be summed up.

5. The problem of threading method. In order to reduce the linear slip coefficient on the tower wheel, try to make as many windings as possible on the tower wheel. Generally, the winding circle on the tower wheel should not be less than 4 turns. The winding is less, and the tower wheel is easier to groove. . It is not good for an automatic wire drawing machine to wrap too much, and it is easy to crimp each other.

6. The tension and air pressure adjustment of the automatic wire drawing machine. In general, the tension and air pressure should be as large as possible without annealing, as long as it is not too large to pull the wire. Because of the double frequency conversion control, the speed of the take-up frequency conversion mainly depends on the partial pressure of the precision potentiometer behind the tension rod to obtain the intermediate voltage to obtain the balance. If the tension pressure does not reach the required pressure value of the wire diameter specification, it will cause the take-up. The speed is slow and the slip becomes larger. When there is a customer reaction that does not anneal, the copper wire will be red after the machine speed reaches 1300M/MIN. This is the typical tension and air pressure is too low, resulting in a fast speed of the host, and the wire take-up speed is seriously insufficient. The upper friction generates a lot of heat, annealing the copper wires. In this case, the fixed speed wheel of the customer's host machine will be grooved (the fixed speed wheel of the general drawing machine will not be grooved). During continuous annealing, the tension and air pressure should be paid attention to, not too large, otherwise the wire will be much thinner, causing serious wire bundle phenomenon.

7. The current control system is becoming more and more advanced. Unlike the previous contactor relay control system, the more advanced things require more professional personnel to care. On the scene, the operator randomly adjusts the inverter parameters and the annealing plate potentiometer phenomenon. If you don’t know how to transfer it back, it will cause unnecessary equipment complaints. When there is no professional electrical personnel present, the operator shall be strictly prohibited from playing the inverter and the annealing control board without permission, and shall clearly explain to the customer during the installation and commissioning of the equipment.


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