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What is the Working Principle of Mesh Welding Machine

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mesh welding machines have become more and more common in manufacturing industry. How to choose a suitable wire mesh welding machine? How to use automatic wire mesh welding machine safely?

l What is the working principle of mesh welding machine?

l How to choose a suitable mesh welding machine?

l How to use mesh welding machine correctly?

What is the working principle of mesh welding machine?

The daily circuit is closed, so that the whole closed circuit and current are equal everywhere; But the resistance of each place is different, especially the maximum resistance of the non-fixed contact, which is called contact resistance in physics. According to the law of galvanothermal effects (also known as Joule's law), Q=I^2; X Rt, we know that the higher the current, the higher the heat in the resistance. When the capital is pressed together with the longitudinal and transverse diameters, a lot of heat will be released to make the longitudinal and transverse diameters instantly dissolve and bond.

How to choose a suitable mesh welding machine?

1. You have to buy the wire mesh welding machine, and you also need to buy the right welding material, protectant, and possibly filler.

2. Before deciding which mesh welder is right for you, you should consider the full cost of owning and using a welder.

3. Note that arc welders tend to be cheaper while torch welders tend to be more expensive. Before you rely too much on one type, think about your budget.

4. The last question is perhaps the most important. If you buy a welder that doesn't handle or isn't suitable for the product you want, it doesn't matter if you bought the best welder on the market.

5. Once you've asked yourself all these questions, you'll be in a better position to determine which welder is best for you.

How to use mesh welding machine correctly?

1. mesh welding machine can be welded after water. The moving parts of the welding machine should be lubricated frequently, and the welding parts should be cleaned before welding, so as not to damage the electrode or affect the service life of the electrode.

2. When wire mesh welding machine is working below zero degrees Celsius, the compressed air should be blown off the residual cooling water in the cooling pipe after welding, so as to avoid freezing crack and freezing damage of the pipe and welding transformer.

3. Welding machine should be maintained after power failure. Operators should wear canvas gloves and scarves to avoid burns.

4. mesh welding machine should not be damp to prevent leakage. The insulation resistance of welding machine that is not used for a long time should be checked before use. The insulation resistance between the power input line and the welder housing should be tested with a 500V megohm meter before switching on.

5. There should be no corrosive gases, chemical deposits, corrosive, explosive and inflammable media, which can seriously affect the insulation performance of the welder.

6. mesh welding machine should be strictly in accordance with the rated load rating, not allowed to overload.

7. The water distribution filter of the air source treatment unit must be drained frequently. The water level should not exceed the warning line. Otherwise, water-bearing compressed air will enter the oil mist and solenoid valve cylinder, which may lead to faster wear of the solenoid valve cylinder or even unable to work normally.

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