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What is the Application of Nail Manufacturing Machine?

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As we know, nail making machine is indispensable in nail production equipment, plays a vital role. What is the function of nail making machine? How should we use nail manufacturing machine correctly?

l What is the function of nail making machine?

l How to use nail machine correctly?

l What are the advantages of investing in nail making machines?

What is the function of nail making machine?

nail making machine is used to make nails production equipment, also known as scrap steel nail making machine, it is in line with everything from waste using energy-efficient, into perspective, all from the perspective of users can get rich quick, mainly economic and practical, has reached the high technical content, operation is convenient, its small power, energy saving, stable and reliable performance.

How to use nail machine correctly?

1. Do not adjust the work while the nail machine is in motion.

2. Keep machine neat, nail mold should often clean, do not use unripe embroider wire to make nail.

3. After starting up, the machine must be in normal operation before pulling the line handle into line screw, stop the line before stopping.

4. Keep the nail sharp.

5. During the operation of the nail making machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal sound.

6. Disconnect the power supply when repairing equipment or appliances.

7. The equipment to be replaced should be of the original specification.

8. Regular oil lubrication, ensure that the lubrication part of good lubrication, new machine use, in 15 days, the best amount of lubrication.

9. Do not drive without removing the shield.

What are the advantages of investing in nail making machines?

1. Small investment risk of nail-making machine: compared with the risk of losing everything in shop business, the risk of setting up a nail-making factory is almost zero, because even if the production is transferred halfway, the remaining scrap iron will not worry about selling.

2. Investment scale can be large or small, urban and rural investment: small-scale production only needs 50 square meters of simple factory shed. If urban residents invest in nail making machine, they can choose abandoned old factories and courtyards in the suburbs, and the rent is very low. Farmers can invest and start production in their own yards. Compared with the high rents of shop businesses, investing in nail factories can save a lot of money.

3. The market profit is relatively stable: no matter how the market price changes, the price of raw materials rises, the finished silk is bound to rise, the price of raw materials falls, the finished silk will also fall, always can guarantee a certain processing profit, and with the development of China's construction market, the market demand for products will be more and more.

4. Raw material is easy to get, cheap price, high profit: the use of waste steel bars (such as demolition materials), scrap iron wire wire is quite little, not to be taken seriously, the price is low, so the profit will be relatively high, general local processing a ton can be added value of 1000 yuan or more.

Nowadays, with the development of industry, in order to improve the recycling rate of waste iron, iron nail production equipment is also more advanced with the demand of industrialization.If you are looking for good quality nail manufacturing machine at a reasonable price, HANGZHOU CANDID I/E Co., Ltd is a wise choice.

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