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What are the maintenance requirements for the wire drawing machine?

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What are the maintenance requirements for the wire drawing machine?

Maintenance of wire drawing machine:
    1. Before driving, check the condition of each lubrication system according to the lubrication requirements.
    2. Before driving, check whether the transmission equipment, hydraulic system, electrical equipment, grinding wheel tool holder, indexing head are normal, and whether the sturdiness is loose.
    3. The grinding roller shaft must be properly installed in the two bearings, with proper tightness. After installation, the grinding roller can be rotated without moving forward or backward.
    4. The level and front and back positions of the grinding roller must be accurately adjusted, and there must be no difference in the height of the two ends, or the center line of the grinding roller is inclined to the movement trajectory of the bed.
    5. If there is wear on the bearing of the wire drawing machine and the inclined chute, it should be repaired in time, otherwise there will be a phenomenon that the grinding teeth are uneven.

the holeof the drawing machine   

    6. When grinding the wire drawing knife, it should be strictly checked according to the angle of the model, and it cannot be estimated.
    7. The failure of the gear pulling operation of the hanging wheel will cause the tooth grinding to be narrow when wide and thick when thin. When such problems occur, you should pay attention to check whether the work of the hanging wheel is normal.
    8. Pay attention to the operation of the machine tool. If abnormal phenomena occur, the cause should be found and eliminated in time.
    9. When lifting the grinding roller, concentrate your thoughts and be careful not to collide.
    10. The oily smoke on the working surface of the machine tool should be cleaned before and after work.
    11. If you stop during the operation, you must first exit the cutter or grinding wheel.
    12. If there is a problem with the wire drawing machine, you should contact the electrician in time to carry out regular inspection and maintenance work.
    13. Under normal use, the wire drawing machine should be repaired once a year. Overhaul every 5 years or so, so as to maintain the accuracy requirements of grinding roller processing.



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