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What are the factors that cause damage to the wire drawing machine?

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What are the factors that cause damage to the wire drawing machine?

In fact, when we use wire drawing machines for operations, we often use molds. If there are any problems with this mold, it will inevitably have a relatively large impact on us. So how should we improve the wire drawing machine? This is also an aspect we need to understand. Let's take a look together.

     1. The wear of the wire drawing machine

Many friends found that when operating the wire drawing machine, he will have the problem of wear, then we can find a solution according to the speed of the wire drawing machine wear. Of course, if our wire drawing machine mold design is not reasonable enough, then he may also cause these problems. For example, his lubrication port is relatively small, then we will have uneven lubrication when drawing, so that it is easier to cause the mold to break. Of course, the trouble that this has caused us is also relatively large, so we still have to find a way to avoid it.

    2. The length of the wire drawing machine

In fact, for the drawing machine, when we design him, we should also look at his hole type and size and his length, so as to ensure that his shape is relatively stable, and we can also get better Wire. Of course, when we use the wire drawing machine, it will not wear out so easily. I don't know how you solve these problems in the wire drawing machine. If you find any asymmetry, we also need to find out and solve it in time. I believe everyone can understand what we said.

Of course, if you have any different views on the wire drawing machine in the wire drawing machine, you can also put forward it. I believe we can bring you a lot of help. If you think our introduction is good, you can also buy it from us.


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