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What are the advantages of pulley wire drawing machine?

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What are the advantages of pulley wire drawing machine?
Pulley-type wire drawing machine is widely used in various fields of the national economy in the process of use, automobile, electronics, daily necessities, switches, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, etc. The annual growth rate of China's spring product market has always maintained a double-digit high-speed growth momentum. China is now one of the important investment, production and consumption markets for global spring technology products, and has gradually formed a spring industry market with huge development potential.
LW type pulley wire drawing machine

Composition structure of pulley wire drawing machine
The pulley type wire drawing machine is mainly composed of the main body reduction box, the mold box, the road wheel frame, the wire rack and the electrical control system during the production process. Each drawing reel is decelerated by a motor through a gear coupling to drive two-stage cylindrical gears with different speed ratios, so that the reel rotates. The drawing reel is vertical, installed on the cover box, and the gear pair is immersed in oil lubricating. The inner wall equipment of the reel has a cooling water spray device to reduce the residual heat on the surface of the reel of the steel wire channel wire after drawing. The drawing die is immersed in the cooling water to reduce the working temperature of the mold.
pulley wire drawing machine0

The advantages of pulley wire drawing machine
1. During the entire production process, the pulley-type wire drawing machine does not have any torsion and bending, and uses a more powerful cooling method, so the hardening rate of the steel wire is lower in processing and has better plasticity And resilience. Since the fluctuation range of the strength is relatively small, the performance of the product after the entire drawing is more stable, and these performance advantages will be directly reflected in the customer's use process.
2.The pulley-type wire drawing machine is favored by the majority of users because of its efficient and low-consumption production mode. If it is calculated from the material power consumption, the yield rate, the qualified rate and the production efficiency, each ton It can directly save hundreds of blocks, which is more obvious for the entire enterprise in terms of economic benefits.


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