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What are the Uses of Jumbo Drill Machine?

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Jumbo drill machines are usually used where drilling and blasting are required to achieve large underground mining. You should know how to use the vehicle safely and how to keep your mine equipment in good working condition for a long time. What are the types of jumbo drill machines?

l What is the working principle of jumbo drill machine?

l What are the types of jumbo drill machines?

l What are the characteristics of jumbo drill machine?

What is the working principle of jumbo drill machine?

The main purpose of the jumbo drill machine is to drill a deep hole in the mining rock wall. Giant vehicles drill these holes for blasting or clearing tunnels. In this case, underground RIGS use a variety of rock drilling techniques. Drill floors consist of one, two or three drill RIGS, some with a basket in which the operator stands to load the explosives into the hole, clean the tunnel face, etc. Although electricity is often used today, early jumbo aircraft had compressed air power management systems. There is no electricity or exhaust gas from compressed air, which is good for running in smaller pipes with less airflow.

What are the types of jumbo drill machines?

1. There is only one boom drilling device on the derrick. Such RIGS are usually low-profile machines of structural design. Single arm trolley, also known as single arm downhole drilling platform, is mainly used in mining, metal processing, hydropower, railway, highway tunneling engineering. It runs on the surface, roof, sides and floor of the tunnel. In addition, the single arm trolley can easily drill holes for blasting and bolt holes.

2. The double-arm trolley has two boom drilling mechanisms that can be operated simultaneously. These drilling RIGS are taller in profile than single-arm rig RIGS. These large mining trucks are also suitable for large underground mining, metal working, hydropower, railway and road engineering tunnel engineering in these types of drilling, the trolley contains a basket bolted to the chassis of the vehicle. The miner can stand on this basket and fill the hole to blast it.

3. The triple-arm behemoths are known for large-scale mining operations. Like single-arm and double-arm drilling RIGS, these types have multiple booms for drilling. These types of trolleys can also be mounted with a basket on the chassis of the mining machine.

What are the characteristics of jumbo drill machine?

1. The underground jumbo drill machine is a low-key, solid, structured vehicle. These large mining trucks are designed for large underground mining operations.

2. Underground giant RIGS have one, two or three arm drills at the front of each vehicle. Depending on production capacity, the miners select the right large rig for mining.

3. Deep and large mining machines can be operated by diesel and electric. Generally, electric machines do not produce noise and pollution.

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