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What are the Applications of Automatic Screw Machines?

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What is the working process of automatic screw machine? What is the use of the screw machine? What should be done if the screw machine fails?

l What is the working process of screw making machine?

l What are the applications of automatic screw machines?

l How to deal with the problem of automatic screw machine?

What is the working process of screw making machine?

Using roller, hook screw, turbine, vibration plate, etc., the screws are arranged on the vibration guide rail in order, conveyed to the screw distribution system, and the allocated screws are conveyed to the lock nozzle through the air pipe pressure.

Electric group at the table of arbitrary space before and after the up and down or so mobile, spindle have upper and lower limit, the batch of mouth moved to the screw holes above fixed well, then stop - mouth won't contact with the product and scratched product urgently, to align the screw holes after machine drive electric group of pressing down on them, electric group has press start function, screw in contact with the screw hole automatically start electric group, and complete the lock, When the electric batch stops rotating automatically, the machine lifts the electric batch, the screw is automatically sent to the batch mouth, and the automatic screw locking machine moves the electric batch to the next screw hole to continue locking the screw.

The worker places the product on the fixture, waits for the machine and equipment to lock the product, replaces the product, and then places it as the locked product, and continues the same operation. The automatic screw locking machine is easy to operate, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. It saves labor for the screw locking station of enterprises, improves efficiency and has 100% stable performance. Machine to replace manual, automatic screw machine manufacturers, automatic locking screw machine is your only choice!

What are the applications of automatic screw machines?

An automatic screw machine is a metalworking lathe used to process hard materials into precisely designed parts. The machining process allows the creation of duplicate parts. Today's screwmakers, also known as automatic lathes or turning centers, are computer numerical control (CNC) machines. screw machine includes hollow spindle and CAM. A bar is fed into the machine and the unwanted material is cut off to make different types of screws, studs and bolts.

You can't ignore the versatility of these machines. In fact, almost all industries use these machines, especially for thin or tiny parts. Because of the importance of precision in the health field, the orthopaedic and medical industries use Swiss automatic screwers.

How to deal with the problem of automatic screw machine?

1. automatic screw machine can not open the machine, the solution: check whether the power connector is loose, 220AC is normal power supply, power cord is not damaged, the fuse is not burned off;

2. automatic screw machine screw lock sliding teeth, solutions: check whether the electric batch torque is suitable for locking torque range, use torque meter to re-test the electric batch torque, check whether the product screw standard;

3. Solution: check whether the locking height set in the steps of the program reaches the actual locking position of the screw, whether the locking speed parameter is removed correctly, and whether the torque of the batch head is too small.

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