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Three classic problems in using wire drawing machine

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Three classic problems in using wire drawing machine

The wire drawing machine is a very important part in the realization of metallurgical industry processing, but in the process of use, there will often be one or other small problems, which causes headaches for users. So, today we will take a look at the most common small problems.

1. We know that the stability of the drawing speed is a very critical factor for the drawing quality. When the wire drawing machine is in operation, I am afraid that the last thing we would like to see is that the wire drawing speed is unstable, and it is fast and slow, resulting in intermittent and irregular changes in the drawn wire.

This situation usually occurs for two reasons. In fact, any problem with any part of the drawing machine will affect the drawing effect. This is the case if the copper wire trembles on the annealing wheel. Because the copper wire is annealed in a loose and tight state, the surface of the copper wire cannot be consistent.

2. In addition, there is another reason. Because under the premise of long-term operation, the wear of the equipment is inevitable. If the main motor gear box of the wire drawing machine is seriously worn, the fixed speed wheel speed, traction speed, and take-up speed of the wire drawing cannot be matched. Thinning of monofilament.

3. There is also a situation where this phenomenon can also occur if the drawing force experienced by the wire drawing machine during operation changes suddenly and suddenly. This is because the tension on the wire storage wheel is unstable, and the air pressure of the air pump of the wire drawing machine is unstable if the root cause is investigated.

The above three situations will affect the production quality of the wire drawing machine, and therefore often cause headaches for user companies but have no alternative. Therefore, in the future production process, we must focus on these three aspects and try to avoid this situation.

In the process of use, the most suitable wire drawing machine should be selected according to the specific situation. In terms of production conditions and equipment configuration, according to different materials and process requirements, the most perfect solution is sought, combined with advanced production technology and final products. The quality is fully guaranteed.


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