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Should I Choose Automatic Nail Making Machine?

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automatic nail making machine is a new production equipment used to manufacture nails, which can be used in many industries. How does the automatic nail machine work? What are the characteristics of nail making machine?

l How does the automatic nail making machine work?

l Should I buy an automatic nail machine?

l What is the development prospect of automatic nail making machine?

How does the automatic nail making machine work?

1. After the purchase of nails to determine what kind of steel to nail, such as new steel, scrap steel and so on. The old steel wire drawing is more troublesome, not as fast as the new steel bar, but the cost and profit of the old steel bar is very objective. Finished wire drawing, relatively fast speed, save part of the manpower. The speed of the nail is also very fast.

2. After the wire is pulled, through the automatic wire feeding machine head, and then the pulled wire is then sent inside the wire feeding machine head, to produce the semi-finished nails.

3. The semi-finished nail is put into the polishing machine for polishing, and the polishing machine is put into sawdust, paraffin wax, gasoline and other chemical raw materials, after friction and impact. Throw out shiny nails.

4. The above three parts are important, the packaging can be customized according to the needs of users.

Should I buy an automatic nail machine?

1. In the production process of steel row nails, separation, gluing, drying and cutting are easy to be realized in engineering. For example, the separation process can be completed by the more common electromagnetic vibrator, this technology has been very mature, the market sales of this kind of equipment is also more. It is difficult to realize automatic orientation and arrangement, because the steel nails used in the row of steel nails are t-shaped and very common round, relatively special, the conventional method is difficult to achieve.

2. In this case, efficient automatic nail arrangement can not only improve productivity but also reduce the harm to workers. According to the production process of steel row nails, steel row nails can not be automated production of paper, plastic, straight and other row nails production process. If the production process of ordinary row nails is used, the raw material (steel wire) must be heat treated (quenched) and galvanized, and then the steel wire into ribbon. But after heat treatment, the strength and hardness of steel wire are greatly improved, which is bound to cause the difficulty of nail making, and the hardness of the mold is very high, at the same time, the zinc plated previously will fall off in severe.

What is the development prospect of automatic nail making machine?

automatic nail making machine in line with all from the waste utilization energy saving and efficient, waste into treasure point of view, all from the user can get rich quickly point of view, to economic practicality, to achieve high technical content, easy operation and use, it has small power, energy saving, stable and reliable performance. Quality up to the standard, the equipment has a small volume, flexible and convenient movement, low noise, low power consumption, easy installation and other characteristics. automatic nail making machine is more popular in today's market, many enterprises are constantly strengthening the quality and technology of nail making machine equipment, so that the nail making machine is more perfect.

automatic nail making machines are very popular with customers, if you are looking for good quality nail making machine at a reasonable price, HANGZHOU CANDID I/E Co., Ltd is a wise choice.

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