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Should I Buy Gabion Box Machine?

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Because the use of the stone cage net needs more and more widely, so the market sales of the gabion mesh machine is also more extensive. Is it a wise choice to buy gabion mesh machine? What are the advantages of the gabion mesh machine?

l What is the gabion mesh machine?

l What are the advantages of the gabion mesh machine?

l gabion mesh machine out of order how to do?

What is the gabion mesh machine?

gabion mesh machine is the production of hexagonal metal mesh professional equipment, its products are widely used in petroleum, construction, breeding, chemical industry, heating pipes and other pipelines wrapped network; It can also be used for fencing, residential and landscaping protection. The mechanical production stone cage area USES: stone cage net gabion cages can be used in the slope support, foundation pit supporting, mountain rockface net-suspended spray, slope vegetative guarding block (green), railway highway isolation, it can also make luggage, gauze pad, used in rivers, DAMS and scour prevention of seawall protection, reservoir, river closure with a box. The serious disaster of river is that the water scour the river bank to destroy it, causing the flood, resulting in a lot of loss of life and property and a lot of soil erosion.

What are the advantages of the gabion mesh machine?

gabion mesh machine using positive and negative mechanical principle, compared with ordinary gabion making machine to reduce a spring process, greatly improve the production efficiency, a person can operate a machine, reduce labor costs, not only high production efficiency, and the quality of the mesh is reliable. gabion making machine design is reasonable, the use of computer control, mechanical and electrical integration, automatic completion of spinning, shearing, mesh, hemming and other processes. The screen produced is used for highways, courts, parks, warehouses, zoo fences, construction site fences, captive poultry, slope greening, pipeline insulation with nets.

gabion mesh machine out of order how to do?

1. About the line distortion of the gabion making machine, mainly printing material distribution is too thin, scraping too much force; Printing material is not uniform (printed guess solvent lax uneven); Wipe the net after the solvent or cleaning agent is not dry, or the workpiece rework appearance cleaning agent is not dry or unclean; After the first scratch printing, stone cage machine printing material sealing force is too large, so that there are a few printing material extrusion mesh.

2. When we encounter these problems the time should be controlled above carefully analyzing influence of grid machine product quality the cause of the site, in view of the cause of to deal with, as for the scrapping printing appear the quality problem of the operation, such as network problems, tense zui well spacing, screen printing template production problems, appearance handling the workpiece and the seal material selection and so on will affect the printing quality, These are the things we should pay attention to.

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