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Several ways of drawing lubrication of stainless steel wire drawing machine

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Drawing lubrication method of several stainless steel drawing machines

The stainless steel wire drawing machine needs to be lubricated during the drawing process, on the one hand to improve the drawing effect, on the other hand to control the temperature to prevent oxidation. Let me tell you what are the lubrication methods of stainless steel wire drawing machine.

1. Disperse lubrication of a single cavity
It is mainly used for non-slip storage multi-mode wire drawing machine, which has no restrictions on the form of lubricant. The circulating water in the mold groove plays a cooling role. Since the mold cavity is open, the lubricant can be directly observed for easy adjustment. But it is easy to dirty the equipment and the venue.

2. Immersion lubrication
Emulsion strong and liquid oil-like lubricant, suitable for sliding continuous wire drawing machine. The lubricant is contained in the special groove of the stainless steel wire drawing machine. The drum, the line segment and the mold are immersed in the lubricant. The structure is simple, which can ensure the continuous lubrication and cooling of the mold, the drum and the wire. Its shortcomings are: there is no possibility of metal chips generated during the drawing process, and it is continuously brought into the die hole and drum, which affects the life of the die and drum, and also affects the quality of the wire surface. Lubrication nipple needs cooling device to prevent lubricating fluid temperature is too high.

3. Circulating lubrication system
On the sliding continuous wire drawing machine, it can ensure that the lubricating fluid has a fixed composition and a certain temperature. It can be used in a single machine or several stainless steel wire drawing machines. Its advantage is that the metal shavings in the lubricating fluid can be fully precipitated and regularly cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating fluid. Its shortcoming is to analyze the lubricating fluid from time to time and replenish the lubricant in a timely manner.

The lubrication method of stainless steel wire drawing machine is introduced here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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