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Requirements for operators of automatic wire drawing machines

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Requirements for operators of automatic wire drawing machines

The operation of the automatic wire drawing machine is very simple. Every trained person can master its operation method, but in order to improve work efficiency and operation safety, the on-the-job personnel must meet the following requirements.

   1. The operator must hold a wire drawing machine operation qualification certificate, and it is strictly forbidden for unauthorized personnel to operate on the machine.

   2. The operator must carry out productive processing operations in the designated equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to operate or tandem operations by non-local personnel.

   3. The operator must be familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance indicators of the device.

   4. The operator must be faithful to his duties, conscientious and responsible, and be proficient in the operation, maintenance and maintenance of this equipment.

   5. The operator must keep summing up and learning to improve his own quality.

   6. The operator must wear gloves to prevent the workpiece from burning fingers and affecting product quality.


The above is the induction operation requirements of automatic wire drawing machine, I hope everyone can strictly abide by


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