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Reasons for oxidation of metal wire drawing machine

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Reasons for oxidation of metal wire drawing machine

Commonly used wire drawing machines are metal wire drawing machines, plastic wire drawing machines, ceramic wire drawing machines, etc., and metal wire drawing machines can be divided into stainless steel wire drawing machines, copper wire drawing machines, aluminum wire drawing machines, etc. Next, let's take a look at the causes of oxidation on the surface of the metal wire drawing.

1.The temperature of the cooling water in the sealed room of the metal wire drawing machine is too high, exceeding 40 ℃, so the sealed room will not provide the required cooling effect on the metal wire, resulting in the temperature of the single wire after annealing is still very high, encountered at high temperature Oxygen into the air and oxidized.

2. The content of the saponification liquid of the cooling liquid in the sealed chamber is not enough, which will increase the friction between the wire and the guide wheels, and then increase the temperature of the wire again, causing the surface of the wire to oxidize.

3. The water pressure and amount of cooling water in the sealed room are not enough, so that the metal wire cannot achieve a satisfactory cooling effect.

The above are the three reasons that cause the surface of the metal wire to be easily oxidized and appear to be oxidized. The solutions to this oxidation phenomenon are:

1. Frequently check whether the equipment for cooling circulating water is operating normally and whether the cooling effect is normal.

2. Add substances that can increase the concentration of saponification liquid in a sealed room at a certain time, so that the content of saponification liquid in the cooling water can be changed, and the metal wire can be normally operated on the guide wheel.

3. Regularly check whether the water pressure of the circulating water is normal, and continuously change the pressure and the amount of cooling water entering the sealed room according to the change of water pressure during production.


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