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Mesh welding machine

Reinforced Mesh Machine
advanced technology
easy operation
high working efficiency
  • Reinforced Mesh Machine I
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • 50*50-300*300MM
  • 50-60 TIMES/MIN
  • zmec@china-equipments.com


Function Feature

The reinforced mesh machine type I is equipment for welding reinforced wire mesh. Both the line wire and cross wire are fed from pre-cut wire. The line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically, the cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper. The brick force wire mesh welding machine adopts servo motor to pull the mesh repeat.

Brick Force Wire Mesh Welding Machine Advantage

The line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically, when it welding and drawing, labors can prepare the wires, so it increases production efficiency. The cross wires adapt device to add wires judge wires automatically. In this case, it saves much labor to add wires. Both the welding electrodes and transformer are equipped with water-cooling system to prolong the life.

Brick Force Wire Mesh Welding Machine Specification


GWCD2500 (3-8)

GWCD2500 (5-12)

GWCD3300 (5-12)

Number of electrodes




Max. mesh width

≤2500 mm

≤2500 mm

≤3300 mm

Wire diameter

3-8 mm

5-12 mm

5-12 mm

Mesh length

3-12 m

3-12 m

3-12 m

Cross wires space

50-200 mm

100-300 mm

100-300 mm

Line wires space

50-200 mm

100-300 mm

100-300 mm

Electric capacity

800 KVA

1600 KVA

2000 KVA

Welding speed

30-60 Count/Min

30-50 Count/Min

30-50 Count/Min

Control system

PLC control

PLC control

PLC control

Products & Application

The welded mesh can be used in the floor & wall reinforcing mesh in the building,reinforcing mesh in the tunnel, bridge and road.

Brick Force Wire Mesh Welding Machine Show

wire mesh welding machine

wire mesh welding machine for sheet

concrete reinforcing steel mesh welding machine



Q : What is the machine power?

A: We offer gabion machine with 380V three phases , 60HZ, we could change the current to 220V three phased or 440V three phased etc(change different current will have extra cost )


Q: what is the raw material for netting?

A: Low-carbon steel wire


Q: How many mesh size can one machine produce?

A: One machine could produce many different mesh size, usually is from 50*50-300*300mm, and the mesh size is related to wire diameter.


Q: What is request other equipments in factory?

One forklift , one cranefor loading and unloading ,move gabion machine , ,complete set of tools ,include big wire clipper.


Q: How many workers needed for one machine?

A: It’s totally need 3-4 workers.


Q: What is the capacity for wire mesh welding machine?

A: The capacity is 50-60 times per min.


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