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How to control the outer diameter deviation of copper wire drawing machine during production?

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How to control the outer diameter deviation of copper wire drawing machine during production?

Due to the uninterrupted production for a long time, some different problems may occur in this process. For example, the drawing speed may be out of synchronization with the annealing, so the drawing speed is unstable due to the influence of the drawing machine. , Which causes discontinuous and irregular changes in the copper wire diameter. There are three reasons for this situation:

1. The force on the storage wheel has changed. The main reason is that the pulling force suffered during the drawing process is suddenly large and small. This may be because the air pressure is used in many places in the production workshop. Therefore, the air pressure given to the air pump of the wire drawing machine cannot be guaranteed, and some changes may occur, which also This causes the tension of the wire storage device to change continuously, but the speed of taking up the wire is fixed, which leads to a deviation in the outer diameter of the monofilament.

2. The copper wire trembles on the annealing wheel. If the state of the copper wire annealing wheel is inconsistent, then when the wire drawing machine needs to complete the annealing, the current density of the annealing will also be inconsistent, and the strength of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low, so it is easy to cause copper The wire ignites on the annealing wheel, making the surface of the copper wire uneven due to the effect of sparks.

3. Serious wear and tear in long-term use. If serious wear is formed for a long time, then the wire drawing machine may not match the speed of the fixed speed wheel, the traction speed and the take-up speed during wire drawing, thus forming the thinning of the monofilament.

Then, for the above problems, we can take some measures to avoid this situation, the main contents are as follows:

1.Ensure the lubrication of the wire storage, prevent the wire drawing machine from causing reverse friction on the wire during high-speed operation, Therefore, the drawn wire is thinner;

2. Re-adjust the tension of the wire so that the stroke of the wire is always close to the annealing wheel; ensure that the annealing wheel steel ring is intact and prevent the annealing current from changing due to some problems of the steel ring.

In addition, according to the actual situation, and calculate the front slip coefficient, and then re-equip the mold suitable for the wire drawing machine to ensure that it meets the requirements of use.


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