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How to Maintain the Inverted Wire Drawing?

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The Inverted wire drawing machine is a wire drawing device that can also be divided into many different specifications and models. So how should the user choose the right wire drawing machine? How to maintain the Automatic Wire Drawing Machine to make it last longer?

l Should I choose Inverted Wire Drawing?

l How to maintain the wire drawing machine in summer?

l How long is the maintenance cycle of the wire drawing machine?

Should I choose Inverted Wire Drawing?

1. In general, when we buy handstand wire drawing machine equipment, we must combine our actual needs, such as what kind of raw materials need to be processed, how big the size, to choose the right model for us. So, what kind of device should I choose? Want to choose those manufacturers above all, assure the quality of the wiredrawing equipment that produces.

2. Secondly, we can analyze it from the perspective of the market. For example, we can choose products from manufacturers with long-term reputation in the market. Of course, we should also consider our price factor when considering our capital investment. Here we need to remind that in the process of procurement, we can not choose the handstand wire drawing machine equipment by price factor alone, but should pay attention to the overall quality of the equipment.

3. And because our actual production conditions and production requirements are different, we also need to ensure that the selected equipment can meet the use requirements. For example, pull large diameter steel bar, then the strength of wire drawing is relatively large, so the framework needs to choose solid material handstand Automatic Wire Drawing Machine equipment.

4. In addition, we also need to consider the motor of the backward drawing machine, as well as the after-sales service quality of the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, if the processing of different diameters of reinforcement or different types of backward drawing machine, the motor needs to be equipped with power supply.

How to maintain the wire drawing machine in summer?

1. During the summer, we need to do targeted maintenance work. Due to more rain in summer and humid indoor environment, it is easy to cause the rust problem of wire drawing machine equipment, especially the key parts. If rust occurs, it will seriously affect its work. Performance. Therefore, attention must be paid to ensure that the environment is dry.

2. In addition, the cleaning and nursing of wire drawing equipment should be strengthened. It is important to arrange staff to strengthen the cleaning of the equipment and pay attention to the surface of the main engine and bearings. If abnormal problems are found, measures should be taken to solve them in time. Of course, lubrication should also be done to ensure that it can work properly.

3. In addition to the above requirements, we also need to arrange the working time of the wire drawing machine. Because of the high temperature in summer, it is easy to fail if it works continuously for a long time, which will accelerate its aging. In severe cases, it may even pose some danger. So we took some cooling measures after the equipment had been in use for a while.

How long is the maintenance cycle of the wire drawing machine?

If the correct specification is not taken care of in practice, it may cause serious wear to the wire. This will not only affect the quality of drawing products, but also reduce the efficiency of drawing work, resulting in a lot of trouble. If it is in this state for a long time, it is bound to adversely affect the service life of Automatic Wire Drawing Machine equipment. For users, I believe that we do not want to spend money on the equipment purchased, the use cycle will soon exist a variety of shortcomings and security risks. You know, even high quality equipment, if used improperly, there will be all kinds of abnormalities. We can maintain the equipment as described in the above equipment manual. Of course, we also need to determine a reasonable maintenance cycle according to their own use. Here we also suggest that when buying wire drawing machine equipment, but also according to their own operating factors and equipment parameters to consider and choose.

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