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How to Maintain Mine Equipment Safely?

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Improper maintenance can shorten the life of mining machines, resulting in machines that frequently break down, require expensive repairs, and slow down your operations. How do we maintain mining equipment? How do you ensure that mining equipment can be used for a long time?

l What are the types of mining equipment?

l How to maintain mining machinery?

What are the types of mining equipment?

1. Mining rig is an important tool in any mining operation. Underground mining is done when minerals or rocks are located quite far underground and need to be brought to the surface. Specialized underground mining equipment such as excavators, loaders and trucks is used to excavate raw materials and transfer them to the surface by elevator for future processing.

2. Blasting tools are a key part of the mining industry. These tools are used to separate large pieces of material from waste through the use of explosives. Blasting tools are also used to eliminate pockets of unwanted material that prevent workers and mining equipment from reaching the seams of desirable materials. To minimize material handling costs, an unmanned rig will drill predetermined holes into the blasting face. This ensures that a specific size of material is obtained and the release of overburden is minimized.

3. Bulldozers are required for mining operations above the surface. These types of machinery are used to transport loose soil from one location to another. Earth miners play a vital role in the mining industry, as these machines are designed to facilitate large-scale mining and earthmoving projects. With the expertise of the operator, the bulldozer, the shovel to loosen soil and remove material is accomplished through the use of a bulldozer.

How to maintain mining machinery?

1. Without lubrication, all moving parts of a mining machine will eventually fail. Without proper lubrication, parts can develop excessive friction, which can cause severe wear and tear on the machine. As a result of this deterioration, the life of the moving parts will be greatly shortened. To avoid this slow failure, mine machinery should be properly maintained and all moving parts should be well lubricated.

2. Another important tip for proper maintenance of mining machinery is to ensure that it is kept as clean as possible. Dirt and debris can damage one or more delicate parts of heavy machinery -- which can require expensive repairs. Filters clogged with too much dirt and grime will not work properly. Even the cab of a machine contains many delicate pieces of equipment that could break down if contaminated. Damaged seals must be repaired immediately.

3. One of the best ways to protect your mine machinery from dust and elements is to store it in a building. Anything from the shed to the garage; Just make sure the building is clean and free of water or leaks. By protecting the machine, you can prevent rust, dirt buildup, and problems caused by these problems.

4. Checking and repairing heavy mining machinery from time to time is not enough to keep it in top condition. You need to create and follow a maintenance plan. Includes symbols on how often each part of the machine should be inspected for problems, repairs and general maintenance.

5. During normal operation, you may see signs indicating wear and tear. Be aware of these signs as they may indicate that a problem may cause the machine to fail more frequently or result in the need for repairs or parts replacement before regular inspections.

Various mine equipment can help you perform your work more efficiently, and it is important to be familiar with the equipment used in mining so that you can better understand how to operate them. If you are looking for good quality mining machinery at a reasonable price, HANGZHOU CANDID I/E Co., Ltd is a wise choice.

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