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How to Maintain Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine?

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Automatic wire mesh welding machines are more popular with practitioners than other similar equipment. What is the role of wire mesh welding machine? How to maintain mesh welding machine?

l What is the function of automatic wire mesh welding machine?

l How to maintain mesh welding machine?

l What are the precautions when using mesh welding machine?

What is the function of automatic wire mesh welding machine?

1. Automatic wire mesh welding line is a relatively simple resistance welding machine series. The structure of wire mesh resistance welding machine adopts pure mechanical feeding and net drawing design. Although the accuracy is lower than CNC, but the welding speed of this welding machine is high, the technical requirements of the operator is not high, and the price is cheap. Main uses welding and forming of floor heating net, wall net and packing net.

2. Automatic wire mesh welding line although the structure is simple, the price is also very cheap, but resistance welding machine can weld a variety of specifications of the screen. Mesh number can be adjusted at will. The requirement of wire is not high, all kinds of steel wire can be welded.

How to maintain mesh welding machine?

1. First of all, use the correct operation method, the correct operation will directly affect the quality of equipment. Imagine if the correct operation of the gear is correct, but the operator turns to the left, which will increase the damage to the equipment, so the first is the operator's skill in using the equipment.

2. Mesh welding machine should be cleaned regularly after long-term use. Dust and foreign matter should be removed from the surface.

3. Maintenance of related components is also a priority. Mechanical parts should be lubricated frequently, and it is best to carefully maintain each part.

4. When abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sound occur in the welding process, the machine should be stopped for inspection in time.

5. When the mesh welding machine stops working, the power supply should be cut off in time. If it does not work for a long time, check periodically, lubricate the parts and lock the control box. Welding machine is mainly used for welding various sizes of steel mesh, its welding accuracy and output is the best choice for mesh welding.

What are the precautions when using mesh welding machine?

1. Check the plug of control panel before use, the socket must be firmly inserted

2. Adjust the secondary voltage according to the thickness of the weldment. Turn on the power switch and the indicator light should be on

3. After each operation, the photoelectric head should be repaired in time

4. After each work, check whether the head, spring, lever group and foot are damaged or loose, and repair them in time;

5. Check electrical control components for validity after completion of each work order. If there is damage, timely replacement maintenance;

6. Mechanical transmission parts damaged repair the same day. Communicate with the manufacturer for repair as soon as possible

7. Check the internal wiring and control board wiring must be cut off the power supply.

8. Do not touch the components on the control panel; otherwise, electrostatic damage may be caused to the components.

9. The potentiometer on the control panel has been adjusted. Please do not move at will.

10. Check box wiring regularly (once a month).

Thorough and regular welder maintenance helps protect your investment and operator safety.

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