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How to Choose Automatic Wire Drawing Machine?

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Automatic wire drawing machine is a kind of wire drawing equipment can be divided into many different specifications and models, and the material of automatic wire drawing machine is different, so how to choose the right wire drawing machine?

l What are the advantages of the wire drawing machine?

l How to use automatic wire drawing machine?

l How to choose the right automatic wire drawing machine?

What are the advantages of the wire drawing machine?

1. First of all, the efficiency of traditional artificial processing is relatively low, and because there are many uncertain factors, it is difficult to ensure the unity of product quality. Moreover, there will be more misoperations, affecting the quality of products. After using wire drawing machine equipment, not only greatly improve the efficiency of wire drawing, but also effectively ensure the quality and specification of wire drawing products, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of products.

2. Secondly, the traditional manual drawing method is more prone to broken lines, which will not only affect the operation efficiency, but also cause a more serious waste of resources. wire drawing machine equipment can maintain a relatively stable running state, so compared with manual, can significantly reduce wire broken problem, reduce waste.

3. In addition, the labor cost is relatively high now, so the use of wire drawing equipment not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity, which can save a lot of labor costs for the company. In addition, because the machine works at the same speed, it can also ensure the production cycle, which is conducive to the company to arrange the production schedule more rationally.

How to use automatic wire drawing machine?

1. Operation and maintenance of automatic wire drawing machine is one of the basic skills that staff must master. So, what are the main responsibilities of the wire-drawing worker? First of all, as wire workers, must not be late to leave early. During working hours, all rules and regulations should be observed and operated as required to avoid damage to equipment.

2. Secondly, in the process of drawing, we should concentrate on mastering the temperature, strength and color of drawing to ensure the quality of drawing. Also pay attention to observe the running state of the backward drawing machine equipment. Once found abnormal situation, should immediately stop inspection. In the process of drawing, if there is tension difficulty, easy to break, etc., also need to stop, check in time, solve the problem before operation.

3. During the use of the wire drawing machine, regular maintenance should be carried out on the equipment according to the requirements to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and prolong the service life. Before the drawing operation, we also need to be very familiar with and understand the type and model of drawing, not blindly drawing.

How to choose the right automatic wire drawing machine?

1. We can analyze it from a market point of view. For example, we can choose products from manufacturers with long-term reputation in the market. Of course, we should also consider our price factor when considering our capital investment. Here we need to remind that in the process of procurement, we can not choose the handstand wire drawing machine equipment by price factor alone, but should pay attention to the overall quality of the equipment.

2. And because our actual production conditions and production requirements are different, we also need to ensure that the selected equipment can meet the use requirements. For example, pull large diameter steel bar, then the strength of wire drawing is relatively large, so the framework needs to choose solid material handstand wire drawing machine equipment.

3. In addition, we also need to consider the motor of the backward drawing machine, as well as the after-sales service quality of the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, if the processing of different diameters of reinforcement or different types of backward drawing machine, the motor needs to be equipped with power supply.

In a word, the use of wire drawing machine has brought great help to industrial production, can help enterprises to better complete the production operations, but also bring more economic benefits. And these contents are also the reason why the wire drawing machine equipment can be loved by users. If you are looking for good quality automatic wire drawing machine at a reasonable price, HANGZHOU CANDID I/E Co., Ltd is a wise choice.

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