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How does the Screw Making Machine Work?

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Do you know what the history of the screw machine is? What is the feature of automatic screw machine? What is the purpose of the screw machine?

l What is the history of the screw machine?

l What is automatic screw machine?

l What is the purpose of the screw machine?

What is the history of the screw machine?

1. The screw machine was invented by Joseph Brown, one of the founders of Brown Sharp. The basic idea behind this machine comes from turret lathes. The lathe has been modified to produce machines that can make the same parts over and over again. The converted turret lathes were named automatic screwers. What distinguished the auger from other equipment of the time was the use of drum cams. These are rotating parts designed to convert linear motion into rotational motion.

2. These first screw machines were designed with a single spindle. It was not until the outbreak of The First World War that multi-axis machines were created. As the screw is designed for single shaft, feeding, machining, shaping, drilling and other actions are carried out in turn.

What is automatic screw machine?

1. An automatic screw machine is a special type of lathe, usually used to process small and medium-sized parts from bars of various sizes. Most automatic screwers have multiple sliders and spindles that contain various types of tools (drills, forming tools, milling cutters, taps, dies, etc.). This enables the machine to process very large numbers of turning parts with minimal supervision and high precision. There are two main types of automatic screw machines: Brown & Sharpe or Turret and Swiss. Each may have 1 to 8 spindles.

2. Brown & Sharpe/Turret type screwers are no longer actively manufactured, but are still in operation in hundreds of processing plants due to their reliability and long life. It is CAM operated. Swiss screw machines are very accurate and can keep tolerances within a few microns. Most Swiss machine tools have an auxiliary spindle with a power tool and a guide bushing located next to the cutting tool to increase rigidity.

3. A single operator can supervise several different automatic screwers at the same time, interfering only with setup and conversion. Multi-spindle screw machines are faster because each spindle works independently at the same time. Due to the use of guide sleeves and chucks, these machines can achieve higher accuracy than other types of lathes, thereby reducing the space between the workpiece clamp and the tool, thereby improving rigidity and accuracy.

What is the purpose of the screw machine?

Screwmakers were originally designed for the production of screws in which bars are firmly fixed in a moving headstock and turned against a fixed cutting tool. Both CNC and CAM-operated screwers will have the following components: base, headstock, hollow working spindle, front tool rest, back tool rest and turret. Many will also have a finishing tool. Automatic screwers are versatile and are suitable for almost all industries, especially for very small or thin parts.

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