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Happy Chong Yang Festival

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  The Chongyang Festival, also known as Double Ninth Festival, is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. On this day, people hold many activities in celebration, such as eating Chongyang cakes, climbing mountain, enjoying chrysanthemum and drinking chrysanthemum wine, etc.

        Chongyang Cake

        It was also called the Flower Cake, the Chrysanthemum Cake, and the Five-Color Cake. There is no fixed ways for the Double Ninth Cake. But the super cakes is a nine-layer cake shaped like a tower.

        Climbing Mountain

        In ancient China, as people ascended to high places on the Double Ninth Festival, the Chongyang Festival is also known as the Height Ascending Festival. People usually climb mountains or towers.

        Enjoy Chrysanthemum and Drink Chrysanthemum Wine

        The first person who purportedly enjoyed chrysanthemum and drank chrysanthemum wine on the Chongyang Festival was the poet Tao Yuanming who famous for his poems, enjoyed chrysanthemum. Many people followed his suit, drinking chrysanthemum wine and enjoying chrysanthemum,which became a custom.



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