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Design of electromagnetic compatibility in wire drawing machine system

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Design of electromagnetic compatibility in wire drawing machine system

In the course of drawing operations, the requirements for speed control are very strict. That is to say, during the operation of the wire drawing machine, his control system is required to provide accurate and smooth linear speed. The entire system is more complicated, there are many control devices, and there is a high degree of coordination between the various motors. At the same time, with the development of modern technology, it provides a broad space for wire drawing equipment.

Coupled with the application of the frequency converter, the running speed of the wire drawing machine is well controlled. At the same time, it also greatly simplifies the mechanical design, the emergence of man-machine interface, provides a friendly direct operation interface, in view of the system requires fast interactive data between the motor shaft and annealing temperature control, programmable controller operation is faster and more reliable. With the application of these new technologies, it also brings new problems, namely the design of electromagnetic compatibility.

At present, in related industries, PLC can be used for centralized control and operation of the system, the parameter setting is done by the upper human-machine interface, and the double-frequency conversion mode is used for the wire drawing motor and the wire winding motor. For example, in the process of drawing copper wire with a wire drawing machine, according to different product requirements, the power of the wire drawing motor is generally between 37KW~75KW, and the power of the wire winding motor is about 7.5KW~15KW.

For the consideration and analysis of the electromagnetic compatibility of the wire drawing machine system, the following points should be grasped:
1. The routing technology is reasonable, and the main power circuit is separated from the control circuit. Even if the mechanical structure does not allow it, the control circuit should be shielded;
2. The AC power used by the control circuit should be taken from the front end as much as possible;
3. The power supply of the programmable controller and the man-machine interface must be powered by a secondary regulated power supply.

If conditions permit, it is recommended that the control power supply use a low-power isolation transformer, the effect is better. In short, improving the electromagnetic compatibility design of the wire drawing machine system will solve the problem of unstable operation caused by interference and heavy load during the operation of the unit. At present, the system is running well and has practical significance in practical applications.


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