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Customized Line Power Type Electro Plating Plant Galvanizing Kettle Electric Coating Machine

Electro galvanizing is an electroplating technique used to place a layer of zinc metal on top of a steel surface. It involves immersing a steel component into a solution containing zinc salts followed by the application of electricity to induce an electrochemical reaction on top of the steel. Electro galvanizing has good uniformity, high control precision of coating thickness, and fine surface, which is very suitable for high coating quality requirements. And because the surface activity of the electro galvanized zinc layer is high, there are many post-treatment methods, whether passivation, phosphating, fingerprint resistance, self-lubricating treatment, etc., there are various forms.



1. Company Information:
Hangzhou Candid I/E Co., Ltd. (Candid) is a professional industrial enterprise specializing in importing and exporting various machinery and equipment. Our products mainly include wire drawing machines, nail making machines, hexagonal wire netting machines, gabion making machines, welding mesh machines, roofing sheet corrugating machines, PET bottle blowing machines, PVC pipe production lines and EPS foaming equipment. We have turned up as a leading supplier in these lines.

2. Electric Galvanizing Line Process Flow

Feeding wires-->Water washing-->Heat treating furnace-->Water cooling-->Acid washing-->Water cleaning-->Electric galvanizing-->Dry-->Take up wires

3. Specification

Tank material

PP board





Separating plate

Separating plate



Fire resistant fiber+304 panel

Fire resistant fiber+304 panel

Circulating pump

Water curtain pump 2sets
  Acid wash pump 3sets
  Water washing pump 2 sets 

Air pump

Air pump

4. Packaging and shipping:

We choose the best domestic delivery and handle goods carefully, using necessary protections to keep the machines away from unexpected damages. We ensure that clients will get their satisfying machines.

5. Services:

1. Guarantee : 12 months after commissioning.
2. Installation : Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
Wherever you are, CANDID has the experience, knowledge, and skills to meet your needs and satisfy your requirements.
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