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Chain Nail Making Machinery

Chain Nail Making Machinery is the main equipment of Chain Nail Production Line which is to make chain nail.

  • JX150 Chain Nail Making Machinery
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Chain Nail Making Machinery

I.    Process Flow

Wire Flattening >> Wire Jointing >> Nail Making

Capacity: 60 Ton/ month/ 25 days/ 12 hours

II.   Main Chain Nail Making Machine and Specification

a)    Wire Flattening Machine                           Qty.: 2 sets

The wire flattening machine adopts hard alloy pressing- roller of high rigidity and good superficial radiance; it’s also well operated.

Chain Nail Making Machinery

b)  Wire Jointing Machine   Qty.: 1 set

There is leveling off and rectification equipment fore-and-aft on the collection line cementation machine,adding glue and drying the oven automatically.

Wire Jointing Machine Qty. 1 set

c)    Nail Making Machine with Automatic Nail Collecting Device     Qty.: 2 sets

1.The automatic hydraulic nailer drives nails with a high speed,low noise and few the failure . The electric circuit uses the PLC integration to control, it can install the mold with unlimited air nail limited spaced, Besides, speed of changing the mold is fast.

2.  The relevant lengthen conveyor has the function of picking nails automatically. Its high automatic ion reduces the members to pick nails thus reduces the production cost.

Chain Nail Machine

d)    Auxiliary Equipments & Spare Parts

Raw material pay-off Qty.: 4 sets

Spooler Qty.: 2 sets

Butt-welding machine Qty.: 2 sets

Die for F15, F20, F25, and F30 Qty.: 8 pairs,

Cylinder for nail making Qty.: 2 sets

Punch Plate Qty.: 2 sets

III.   Picture of Finished Product

Chain Nail Production Line

Picture of Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product (2)

Packaging & Shipping

We choose the best domestic delivery and handle goods carefully, using necessary protections to keep the Machine away from unexpected damages. We ensure that clients will get their satisfying Machine.

Packaging & Shipping

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