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Causes and troubleshooting of howling noises in wire drawing machine

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Causes and troubleshooting of howling noises in wire drawing machine

The drawing machine will have an impact phenomenon or howling when drawing, why does this phenomenon occur? So do we have any elimination methods?

(1) Wire drawing holes and columns have defects such as flaws and deformation, and the surface roughness is too large. The hole of the wire drawing machine should be repaired, and the severely injured can be repaired by tin-bismuth alloy repair welding or boring inserts, and the surface of the outer column is polished.

(2) The hole of the wire drawing machine fits tightly with the outer surface of the column. When the rocker arm is raised, the frictional resistance of the sliding surface is too large, which causes the top bearing of the lifting screw to move upward; when it is lowered, the entire rocker arm sinks due to its own weight and returns to the original gap, which causes a sudden impact when the rocker arm is lowered. On the contrary, if the hole of the wire drawing machine and the outer circle of the column are too loose, it will also cause vibration when lifting. First lock the rocker arm, readjust the clamping screw and check with feeler gauge. After the rocker wall is loosened, the measurement gap is maintained at 0.08~0.10mm before tightening the screw.

(3) The clearance between the lifting screw and the nut is too large, and there is howling. The lifting nut should be repaired or replaced.

(4) The steel ball overload on the upper part of the lifting screw protects the spring fatigue and damage of the clutch. The clutch spring should be replaced and the nut adjusted to ensure proper spring pressure and prevent the steel ball from slipping.

(5) Lack of lubricating oil for screw pair and upright or poor contact of screw nut profile. Before each lifting, the screw and column must be wiped clean, lubricating oil is added, and the contact area of the screw profile surface is not less than 70%.


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