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Candid Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

Hot dip Galvanizing Line.
Easy operation
High working technology

Plating Method:
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Line
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • blue or customized
  • 7-25m/min
  • zmec@china-equipments.com

Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

Please do send inquiry to our email  :zmec@china-equipments.com

Hot Dip Continuous Galvanizing Line Working Process

Feeding wires-->Hot water washing-->Heat treating with gas furnace-->Air cooling-->Water cooling-->Electrolysis acid washing-->Water cleaning-->Assist galvanizing-->Dry-->Hot dip galvanizing-->Take up wires

Hot Dipped Galvanized Production Line Specification

Number of wires


Diameter range

1.6mm - 4.0mm

Weight of Zinc layer

100g/square meter

Speed (DV)


Carbon content of the steel wire


Annual work hours

8100 hours



Wire pay off system

28pcs dial type wire pay-off

Wire take up system

28pcs inverted wire take-up

Hot Water Tank (with Circulating Pomp)

Length 1.4m


fuel: Natural Gas

Calorific Value of Gas: 8000X4.186 KJ/Nm3

Capacity: 6230T/year

Consumpation of Gas: ≤60m3/T

Inner Width of Furnace: 1160mm

12 burners

Water Cooling Tank(with Circulating Pomp)

Length 1.4m

Electrolysis acid Tank(with Resistant Pomp)

Length 5.8m

Material: PP

Electrolyte: H2SO4

Temperature of Electrolyte

Water Tank(with 2 Resistant Pomp)

Length 1.7m

Assist galvanizing Tank(with Circulating Pomp)

Length 2m

Dry Oven

Length 4m

Drying Mode: Heated Air Circulating

Temperature : >120°C

Hot dip galvanizing Tank

Outside Dimension: 4060X2842X1360mm

Inner Dimension: 3248mmX2030X1036mm

6 Burners

Max.Temperature: 440--480°C

Storage Volume of  Zinc: 38T

galvanizing line

galvanizing line

galvanizing line

galvanizing line

Chain Link Fence application


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