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C Ring Making Machine


C ring making machine

C ring is widely used in industry, such as furniture, wooden box, gabion box and so on. The C ring is used with C ring gun and C ring is stick by adhesive tape to make them together. It also has various size and diameter, the minimum size is 1.6mm and the m aximum size is 3.0mm. The size is depend on their usage.  


The main parameters:

1.Out put :150pcs/min

2.Wire diameter :Φ1.6-3.0mm

3.Space required :2m(L)*2m(W)

4.Total power :2.0KW

5.Suitable material :Galvanized wire

6.Current source :380V,3P,50HZ

7.Dimension:2000x1000x1600 mm

8.Weight :500Kg

Details or advantage describe

1.CANDID C ring making machine uses adhesive tape to connect the hog ring through a heating device, so that it can make the connecting stronger.

2. The length of finished product could be adjusted according to customers’ requirement through change the cutter position.

3. CANDID C ring making machine adopts proximity switch at the wire feeding position, so machine will stop automatically when there are some problems. It can extend the lifetime of C ring making machine.

C ring making machine 2

C ring making machine 3




1. What is the power supply does each type of your machine use?
ANSWER: The power supply is 380V; 3-Phase, 50Hz, but we can design the machine according to your requirement.

2. What's the raw material for hog ring machine?
The raw material is Galvanized Wire (1.6-3.0mm) and Hot Melt Adhesive Tape.

3. How to connect the C ring?
The C ring is connected by hot melt adhesive tape. When the tape is heated to 200 ºC, it will have a strong stickiness and stick the nails together.  

4. For C ring making machine, what's information should be provided by customer?
The Height of hog ring, the diameter of wire, the width between two legs and the width of hog ring.

5. Why C ring making machine using adhesive tape to connect the hog ring not the glue?
The rack in hog ring gun is round, if we connect it by glue, the hog ring can not use in the gun.

6. What is the price of adhesive tape?
ANSWER: It is around US$50.00/coil (800m/coil).

7. How many pcs C ring per strip?  
Commonly, it is 100pcs for 1 strip. But, customer could adjust it according to their requirement through changing the cutting position.

8. What is the consumption for hot melt ashesive tape?

Dia. of hog ring Qty./ strip Capacity for 1 coil tape 1 month consumption  (8h/day,22day/mon)
1.8 mm 100pcs/strip 4400 strips 4 coils
3.0 mm 2650 strips 6 coils

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