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Basic operation process and precautions of wire drawing machine

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Basic operation process and precautions of wire drawing machine

The drawing machine is widely used in industry, and it can be seen in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemicals, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable industries. There are many types of wire drawing machines on the market, and the uses of various wire drawing machines are also different. Now let's talk about the basic operation process and precautions of the wire drawing machine.

1. The basic operation flow of drawing

(1) Add water to the water tank, and then heat up. Water is usually added to two-thirds of the water tank. Wait until the water temperature reaches 50 ° C before turning on the pump switch.

(2) According to the production plan, take the corresponding drawing die according to the surface of the disc. The balance between the drawing cannot exceed 120 wires to prevent the material from becoming soft.

(3) Treat the tip of the disk with a rounded tip, then check whether the concentration of the coating fluid meets the specified requirements, and then thread and apply the mold.

(4) Normally start the upper mold, the speed is slower at startup, and then gradually increase, so as to be able to reach the best state.

(5) Blanking, and make a record, affix a label, the material head and the blanking frame should be stable, so as not to damage the equipment.

2. Precautions

(1) Before using the wire drawing machine, it is necessary to carry out the necessary inspection, whether the driving is normal, and whether the sling is complete.

(2) After the wire drawing machine is running normally, its drawing tube can not stay for a long time. If you want to check the materials, you need to shut down.

(3) In the process of drawing, pay attention to the straightness and rationality of the circle on the circle frame.

(4) After the work is completed, turn off the power switch of the equipment as required.

The above is the basic operation process and precautions about the wire drawing machine that we have summarized for you. I hope it can help you.


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