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Happy The Lanten Festival

Happy The Lanten Festival
Issue Time:2018-03-02

                                                                     HAPPY THE LANTERN FESTIVAL 

        The lanten festival is the last day of the chinese New Year celebration ,This day is for the last moment for setting fireworks the last excuse for eating a big feast and the last chance for family getting together before the "年"celebration are over .

        Eating Youn Xiao ,Yuan Xiao is the special food for the Lanten Festival it is a kind of sweet dumpling ,which is made with sticky rice flour filled with sweet stuffing ,it is very easy to cook ,simply dump them in a pot of boilling water for a few minutes .

Guessing Lantern Riddless ,is an essential part of the festival Lantern owner wirte riddles on a piece of paper and post them on the canterns ,if visitors have solution to lamterm owners to check their answer if they are right they will get a little gift .

A bustling lively and happy Chinece New Year coming to an end ,the business of Candid company returned  to normal .In the new year ,Candid company as always provide the best service to our customers .