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Congratulate for the coming 2018 New Year

Congratulate for the coming 2018 New Year
Issue Time:2017-12-29

Candid  wish you and your family all the best and properisty for coming New Year ,

Glad to tell you there are a good news to share with you ,according to NASA January's first full moon -nicknamed a wolf moon .will take place on January 1 .

During these events ,the moon generally appears to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter that a typical a typical full moon .

There will be more that just fireworks lighting up the night this New Year's .Chinese will say this is a good sign for the coming New Year.so ,at the New Year's Eve don't forget to take a look in the sky ,don't miss this wonderful scene ,especially ,in New Year's Day of 2018.

Last ,Candid Thanks for your always trust and will provide high quality machinery and service to you better and better . see you next year ,to be continued ......